If cabin crew could cook vegetables

Prepare for a while

PS: "No. 3, tell us what dishes are going to be served today and what is the cooking process?"

No. 3: "Okay sister, today's ingredients are green peppers, potatoes, pork slices, eggs and minced meat. I will go up to confirm in a while and prepare to make a chili stir-fried pork rice bowl and minced meat steamed egg rice.

PS: "Okay, remember to check if there is minced garlic and cooking oil. I forgot to order No. 3 last time, and there was no oil.

No. 4: "What should we do? What should we do without oil?"

PS: “Guess what, I made cold shredded green peppers and raw pickled pig intestines.

No. 4: “Awesome

PS: "What are you doing in the front cabin today?"

No. 2: “Today I’m going to make fried shredded eels, kimchi pork belly, boiled wild rice and yellow croaker bone soup.

PS: "The difficulty level of the dishes you cook is so high. What is the level of the flight attendant chef certificate?"

No. 2: “I passed Level 4.

PS: "It's awesome, I'm so lucky today! But is the little oil we prepared enough for you?"

No. 2: “It’s not enough. I bring all my own. I like to use my own kitchen utensils and oil.

No. 3: "How about you get a Level 4 chef certificate.

Welcome guests

No. 4: "Hello, welcome aboard~"

Passenger: "Why isn't there a flight attendant in the back? You only need one person?" 

No. 4: "Oh sir, my colleagues are preparing dinner for you soon. What are you going to eat if you don't prepare food now?"

Passenger: "Oh, that's right, tell her to make it more delicious. How can I eat the scrambled eggs with tomatoes that were burnt last time?"

No. 4: "Don't worry, we are a family of chefs that can be written on the resume of the flight attendant today. They are very good at cooking.

Passenger: "Now your flight attendants still want to choose people from a family of chefs?"

No. 4: "Not all, they are all assessed during the interview. If you can cook, you will get 1 point. If you can cook, you will get 5 points. If you are a chef, you will be admitted directly.

No. 5: “I said that these stewardesses come in all shapes and sizes, just like visiting a food court.

After takeoff

No. 4: "Sister, is the omelette ordered by the passenger in row 51 ready?"

No. 5: “Sister, are the children’s meals ordered by 32C ready?”

No. 3: "Don't rush, don't rush! Didn't you see that my hands are about to burst into flames?"

No. 4: “Oh, if it doesn’t work, I’ll ask Sister No. 2 to do it.

No. 3: "Don't worry, she's still blasting eels, so she has no time to pay attention to you.

No. 5: “Oh sister, hurry up and it’s too late to eat.”

No. 3: “I know, I know, I’ll just collect some more juice.

No. 5: “I took the minced pork and steamed eggs out first.

No. 4: "No, if I don't make him fried eggs, he will complain to me. I will fry them myself."

No. 3: “I also complained that you asked him to fry it himself, and he kept his mouth shut if he wanted to eat.

No. 4: “Okay, sister.

After landing

Flight attendant: “The passenger wants to complain to you today, No. 3.

No. 3: "What's wrong, sister, I wonder if I didn't burn the vegetables?"

Steward: "It's not burnt, but the seeds are not removed from the peppers, and there are egg shells in the minced meat.

No. 3: "Oh, I have to remove the seeds. How about feeding him some rice?"

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