Suddenly I understand the language of middle-aged people

In a mutton-shabu restaurant, there was a table of drunk, yelling and rude adults.

In the past, I only felt noisy, but now, a bit of sympathy and understanding emerged from their words.

He said: "Old Zhang, do you know how I can live with eight thousand a month in SH?"

"Do you know why I left?"

“I just want to support my family and my wife.”

He said, "Do you know how hard I work?"

"Lao Zhang, can you let me support my family?" He was drunk and in a daze.

People talk nonsense when they are drunk, but adults speak the truth when they are drunk.

In this era of economic downturn, in this squandering SH that is becoming more and more attractive, the burden is heavy.

Those who are far away and unable to return home during the Chinese New Year, and those who dare not go home, have a heavy burden.

The rain fell again and again, and the man spoke again and again. The truth that I only dare to say when changing glasses. After I wake up, I have to say, "Sorry, I drank too much last night."

I suddenly understood the adults' letters and became the adult I didn't want to be.

The rain fell quietly on my body, and I started to cry. Nine times out of ten things in life are not as expected, but why is it always difficult for adults?

 I hate that I have too much empathy. I hate that happiness in this world is always limited.

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