What if the flight attendant tells the truth: The flight attendant has been complained?

If the flight attendant told the truth: Complaints

One-to-one passenger complaint handling department.

Unreal dialogue.

Stewardess: “Hello, you’re not welcome.

Passenger: "I feel like you're disrespecting me.

Stewardess: "Why are you disrespectful?

Passenger: "You use both hands to pass drinks to others, but why do you use one hand to me? Do you have a problem with me?!"

Stewardess: “Yes, I had no objection at first, but now I have a strong objection to you.

Passenger: "Why do you have any objections to me? I am your distinguished gold card user! How much salary do I contribute to you in a year!"

Stewardess: "Stop joking, I would have taken this little money with or without you. What you spent money to buy is the air ticket, not me, let alone your pitiful and ridiculous low self-esteem! If I want to hand it over with both hands, I will hand it over with both hands." If you want to use one hand, just use one hand. Why is the orange juice I gave you with one hand not sweet? You insist on saying that I don't respect you. Could it be that the hand I didn't pass you the drink secretly raised my middle finger and you saw it?! "

Passenger: "I forgot to take my coat when I got off the plane. Your flight attendant did not remind me to bring my coat. I want to complain."

Stewardess: "Yes, yes, yes, the flight attendant needs to remind you about everything. Do you need to be reminded when you eat? Do you need to be reminded when you have blood? Do you need to be reminded when you get married and have children?"

Passenger: "Then when I take your flight, you have the obligation to remind me to bring my belongings. Then didn't you see that I lost my coat?"

Stewardess: "Are you sure you left your coat on the plane?"

Passenger: "I checked the surveillance at the landing airport. I got off the plane without a coat, so I must be on the plane!"

Stewardess: "When you have time, go and get a brain CT scan to see if your coat was eaten by you and blocked it in your brain. Then you can ask questions that you wouldn't be able to ask without 20 years of cerebral thrombosis."

Passenger: "You flight attendants are really cool. They shoved all my gift boxes into the luggage rack. Now that the gift boxes are squeezed, how can I give them away?"

Stewardess: "A few gift boxes, what kind of gift boxes? Did the flight attendant tell you to put fragile items under the seat rail in front of you?"

Passenger: "I told you, but if I put it under the seat, where would I put my feet?"

Stewardess: "If you look like this, I'll teach you. You put your feet on your shoulders, one on each side, and your head in the middle. This way you don't have to worry about running out of room to put the gift box.

Passenger: "Are you kidding me? Is this something a normal person would think of?"

Stewardess: "No, you can say such abnormal things. What else is abnormal?"

Passenger: "The child has been crying, but you flight attendants don't care about it. I want to complain to your entire group of flight attendants!"

Stewardess: “Are you the child’s mother?”

Passenger: "I'm not, otherwise I'd ask you.

Stewardess: "Then neither am I. Why are you asking me?"

Passenger: “I spilled coffee on my computer, I want to complain!”

Stewardess: "Did the flight attendant spill the coffee?"

Passenger: "No, I sprinkled it myself."

Stewardess: What are you complaining about? That the flight attendant didn’t remind you not to spill it on your computer?

Passenger: "No, although the flight attendant didn't spill it, he first poured me coffee and then handed me hot food. I took the coffee and then the hot food before I spilled it. This is not because the flight attendant lacked observation and service skills. Spilled?

Stewardess: "Haha, you are so good. If you choke, blame the chef, if you fall, blame the road, if you bleed and fall into the pit, it's all the toilet that seduced you! If everyone could find excuses like you, the Tenth World War would It’s all started!”

Passenger: "I don't care, it's your fault! Pay me compensation!"

Stewardess: "Okay, okay, I'll pay you, I'll give you 10 cups of coffee. You'll pour one cup on the plane and one cup on the next plane, so you can cleanse your greedy and troublesome villain's face!"

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