What is it like to have a nanny flight?

"Ding ding ding" the cell phone rang, and I counted with my fingers, something big was going to happen, and I was dispatching a call. "I'm going to fly the fourth section of XX tomorrow.

....Why me again?”

"Oh, we're short of people, there's no other way, just hold on, it'll be fine when the new trainees are trained.

"What do you owe me in return? Tell me how many times this has happened! I tell you! If you mess with me, you mess with me!" "Haha... I didn't mean it, I really didn't. You're gone. "Don't let me see you again! See you soon!" After hanging up the phone, I spent half an hour typing frantically and then accepted the fact uncomfortably. After sorting and preparing, it was already 23 when I lay down on the bed. point.

Friend: "Why aren't you sleeping yet? Aren't you starting at 3 o'clock tomorrow?"

Me: “I can’t sleep, I originally worked late at night, ah ah ah.

23:10 minutes

Friend: "Why don't you reply to me? You won't sleep, right?"

Me: "The user you called is not in the service area."

The alarm clock rang at 3 o'clock on time, and the word "C" encouraged me to get up early. Where is the rich woman who can support me?

Arrive at the battlefield quickly, beef noodles and meat buns, steamed dumplings, tofu brain, soy milk, fried dough sticks and pimple soup.

"Good morning, sister." Feng Feng Huohuo entered the preparation room, swallowed the last bite of the bun and said hello politely. . "Who asked for leave? I was given the leave.

"You came prepared, and so did I!"

Me too!"

"Okay, okay, a group has been prepared, right? A preparation class?

("I was not given any time to go to work at all, - I was ready when I left home, and I was ready when I left home.")

Me: "I'll call you Princess Beibei later."

Ps: "Thank you, this princess is really going to be angry.

Me: “Don’t be angry, Princess Bei, please go to work.

PS: There are 6 babies on today’s flight.

Me: "How much? How much did you say???"

No. 3: ""You heard that right, 6...

Me: "Parenting class? When did the company open a confinement center?"

Hello, welcome aboard~" Hello, kid." One and two, counting silently in my heart, finally gathered 6 babies and summoned the dragon balls.

Me: "Hey, it seems okay, it's so quiet."

No. 5: 66 “Baby, baby, there is no saying baby is called baby by the child himself.

Just after saying this, a sharp cry came from the front of the cabin, "It's time to carry it!" I rubbed oil on my feet and ran towards the source of the sound, trying to calm down this time bomb: "Baby, what's wrong? Yes or no.......

"Ah!" Before I finished speaking, the high-pitched scream sounded in my ears again, and I suddenly felt dizzy and my cerebellum was not fully developed. "Are you hungry?

"It's okay, it's okay, maybe he's hungry." The child's father? Grandpa? Judging from his age, he should be a grandfather. He put the baby down while rummaging for food.

"Do you want to make milk powder?

"It's okay, no, no, no...thank you

I got a piece of bread for the child to eat. "The steward was also attracted by the crying.

Well...that's hard to rate. The steward and I looked at each other and saw the disbelief in both of our eyes.

"How about I get him some more steamed buns?"

"Okay... go ahead.

"Okay." I quickly ran back to the back cabin and took out two small steamed buns. Sure enough, the baby stopped crying after eating the steamed buns. And winked at me.

"Sure enough, the children are not that scary~" I was a little happy, happy that the children were cute and quiet.

"Wow..." The crying sound came out again, and I was so happy that it was still this child.

"What's wrong, why is the baby crying again?

“He pooped, he pooped, and his diaper was full.

“Then let me take you to the back to change your diaper.

"Okay, okay, give me a hug first." He said and was about to put the child into my hand.

"Ha? Ha? Hug me? Which one should I hold? The baby or the diaper?" I suddenly became confused. I don’t know how to do it either, I’m still a child, wu wu wu.

"Child, give me a hug.

"Do you have anyone traveling with you?


"You are the only one taking care of the child?"

"Ma'am, headphones... headphones. Sorry." I took out the headphones frantically from my pocket. The passenger took the headphones and looked at me with gratitude.

"Do you still have headphones?" The passengers around me couldn't stand it either.

“Yes, there is.

"The earphones were distributed as soon as the plane flew. This is the first time in my life that the earphones have been distributed so thoroughly.

“I kind of want to die.

"Me too, I'm afraid of getting married and having children.

Friend: "Nanny, how is your childcare class?"

Me: “The other five are pretty quiet, that one is worth six.

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