Why is everyone writing flight logs?


What is flight log?

"Flight log" is a kind of flight record for flying enthusiasts. Most of them choose to use a special notebook to record every flight journey. The flight log is divided into 8 parts, with a total of 55 indicators:

1⃣️Cover (2 indicators: airline logo, seat number, 1 indicator indicating identity, purpose of flight log, and speech of thanks)

❕Note: These two indicators are filled in by the person who issued the flight log and do not need to be filled in by the maintenance staff; the airline logo is used as the background of each page.

2⃣️Flight profile (8 indicators including date, flight number, aircraft type, registration number, crew, scheduled time, flight time, distance, etc.)

3⃣️Passenger information (3 indicators including first class, business class, and economy class)

4⃣️Departure information (departure airport, terminal, boarding gate, runway, flaps, wind speed, wind direction, fuel weight, load, takeoff time, V1/Vr/V2 speed, tower frequency, departure frequency, weather, ATIS, 18 indicators including exit procedures)

5⃣️Cruise information (cruise altitude, cruise speed, cruise time, crew mood, METAR, route, etc. 6 indicators)

6⃣️Arrival information (14 indicators including arrival at the airport, approach reference speed, decision altitude, terminal, boarding gate, runway, fuel remaining, wind speed, wind direction, tower frequency, approach frequency, arrival time, weather, ATIS, etc.)

7⃣️Signature column (pilot and crew 2 signature column indicators)

8⃣️Final thanks and appeal (two indicators of whether you can visit the cabin during flight and after landing)

Except for some company regulations or short flights that are really inconvenient to fill in, other flights will basically not be rejected.

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