She was deceived by the security officer and got pregnant. He is a scumbag.

 "W is a security officer at H Airlines' Beijing base. I met him on an online social platform. In July 2023, we just chatted at the beginning. After the other party asked for my WeChat account, he began to joke about being his boyfriend. 

he would always call me to chat during his free time. I can’t say that our relationship warmed up quickly. I just had the idea of trying to fall in love. We met on August 3 and confirmed our relationship on August 4.

Although both of them were in Beijing, due to the short distance across the district and the man having an international flight, about half a month after we met again, we had sex this time and stayed with me during the two weekends. 

Like other couples, we went on dates to watch movies and have meals. We all got along wonderfully here, and we were still reluctant to leave when we parted. The day after we left, my husband was scheduled to fly and needed to be stationed abroad.

After that, I felt that the other person's enthusiasm had decreased, so I kept calling him. He was in sharp contrast to how he was at the beginning. No one answered the phone, and he didn't reply until very late.

 I was eating out with friends, and at this time I said to him I was not satisfied with his attitude and asked to talk to him when he got back. 

The other party kept saying that he would talk to me when he got back. He couldn't explain clearly on the phone.

Until Chinese Valentine's Day, I was seriously dissatisfied with the other party's ignoring behavior. We had a fight and then met again. 

I thought we would use Valentine's Day to talk about each other's problems and whether we could solve them. 

The process was good and bad, and the other party felt that I Emotionally unstable, I personally got angry because the other party did not give me enough sense of security. There was no consensus on this issue. It already involved "what is cold violence" and no consensus was reached. 

When we finally separated, I asked the man what we had encountered so far. Is the problem a matter of principle? Will it affect our continued relationship? 

The other party said it would not. Within two days after we separated, the other party ignored me. 

On the second night, he sent a message saying we were breaking up. Since then, I have not continued to pester him.

It wasn't until the beginning of September that my period didn't come. I found out I was pregnant and contacted the other party. 

They agreed to have a test on September 4 because the husband didn't believe I was pregnant and thought I was lying to him. When I got the pregnancy test report, the other party confirmed that I was pregnant. 

My attitude towards pregnancy has improved, and the two of them discussed the follow-up matters. The man rushed to pay for the blood test that day, but failed to pay. The man said that because the identity information has expired and has not been updated, the bank card cannot be used. 

I think the other party is economical. Have trouble and pay for it yourself. (Note: Because I have been taking short-acting contraceptive pills for a long time (to improve menstrual instability), I took it in the evening. 

However, because I had been calculating the time and going to the company to pick up the other party that night, I actually missed taking it that night. After that, I was with the other party all the time. 

Together, I found out again that it was already two days before I had to take the medicine, which affected the contraceptive effect and an accident occurred)

I asked the other party if the relationship could still improve because of this matter. The other party said that because we broke up and our personalities were inappropriate, marriage was impossible.

 I asked if I wanted it or not. He said that the other party would bear the responsibility no matter whether I wanted it or not. , the other party will pay for all examination fees and future child support. If not, the other party will pay for a series of subsequent examinations and surgeries.

I have been taking medication due to physical reasons. Although my child wants it, there is nothing I can do about it, and because the other person cannot pay for it, considering the other person's financial problems, I said that I will bear the subsequent expenses. 

I hope that the other person can give more to me emotionally and in life. Care and care, the other party agreed, so we separated happily. At that time, I wanted to go to other provinces for surgery due to other reasons, and we negotiated to have the surgery on October 4. During the short one-month pregnancy period, the other party did not show care and care. 

The frequency can be said to be second-hand. To calculate, this includes the fact that I complained that the other party ignored me before I showed any concern. During this period, the other party only bought two boxes of milk.

It wasn't until the day of the operation at the end of September that I got angry again, complaining that the other party's words and deeds were inconsistent with what I said at the beginning, and I was dissatisfied with the other party's quibbling attitude. 

It was not until I arrived in another place that the other party said to call to express concern the day before the operation, but the phone call was not It caused me to bleed so much that I had surgery ahead of time. 

When I informed the other party later, the other party just sent a hugging emoji.

At first, I didn’t believe my friend when he said he wouldn’t take responsibility. During this period, I didn’t have any social behavior and was afraid to talk about it with my friends, because at this time, my dissatisfaction with the man had reached its peak, and I didn’t want anyone to provoke him. 

After I came back, my husband invited me to dinner and gave me 8 bottles of "chicken essence" brought back from Thailand, saying it was a tonic and good for me. 

At the same time, I caught a cold during the meal because I was not out of confinement, so I told the other party, but the other party just ended the conversation hastily.

It can be said that from pregnancy to the end of confinement, I was repeatedly stimulated emotionally by the other party, and my emotions fluctuated greatly.

Although I did not undergo psychological testing, my mood was always low and I had thoughts of committing suicide.

I was in confinement on November 4th, and my husband contacted me and asked me to go skiing together. 

I was very happy with the invitation and thought about whether we could still be together, but on November 16th, someone posted on his WeChat Moments to announce his new girlfriend. 

My mentality completely collapsed due to this circle of friends. I sent a message to the other party and called him, hoping to get an explanation.

I even doubted whether I was a mistress, or whether the other party was seamlessly connected, and I no longer trusted the man's words. 

What I need is a reasonable explanation. When the other party responded, he only talked about skiing together, which made me emotionally collapse again. I thought the other party had no principles.

Even though I still liked him, he already had a girlfriend, which made me unable to accept such a man.

I told him that he hoped to publicly apologize to me on all platforms before 12 noon the next day, otherwise he would lose his job. 

At this time, the other party blocked my circle of friends, but did not reply.

She was deceived by the security officer and got pregnant. He is a scumbag. She was deceived by the security officer and got pregnant. He is a scumbag. Reviewed by airmedia on November 20, 2023 Rating: 5

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