Is it easy for a flight attendant to marry someone in first class

It's probably not the social class who asks this kind of question in business class.

I used to occasionally hear my colleague's grandiose words, "My future husband will choose in first class", and I specifically want to hang out in first class, trying to show off my desire to catch a glimpse of a certain passenger and embark on the pinnacle of my life. Or there may also be female flight attendants who work for this purpose, so many foodies may think that the husband of a flight attendant is a first-class passenger.

There are indeed those little sisters who can marry business class passengers

Occasionally, hearing a friend talk about a friend's friend is like this, but it doesn't mean that everyone has a probability. Everything in the world has a probability. And those who have the ability to marry business class passengers must have their own strengths or fate. After flying for 10 years, the number of crew members who directly come into contact with business class passengers can be counted with a single hand, and most of these people are already within or close to that class.

Over the years, there have been countless customers on flights who want to call and hook up, and the routine is basically the same. However, don't be overjoyed. He is asking for this kind of partner on every flight, but the sea king has switched to the sky and spread his net widely. Generally, he doesn't want to be too verbose and replied: I am married and have two children. From then on, the world became quiet.

In fact, most business class guests pay for the privacy, and most of the time they don't want to be verbose, just want to eat, drink, watch movies, and sleep quietly, and are generally older. There are also young and handsome little brothers, often surrounded by a beautiful woman or man. There are also those who look at golden bachelors, but you don't know if they are really single or if they just want to find short-term happiness at their destination.

Don't think about crossing social classes through this, even if there are individual cases, they belong to a minority. Either she is as beautiful as a fairy, or she is inherently outstanding in temperament. Behind these beauties and temperament are also the results of others' money and the teachings of her original family. If everything is ordinary, it's better to strive for a relatively better life on your own rather than having the idea of marrying a first-class guest to change your fate.

After all, there are too many good-looking skin bags, and youth and beauty cannot always serve as food. Being strong is the king's way. Mutual encouragement.

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