Is it easy for a flight attendant to marry a first-class passenger?

Occasionally, I would hear my colleague's sister "my future husband will choose in the first class" such "rhetoric words", and I will go to the first class to hang around, trying to show that I can see each other with a certain passenger and set foot on it The pinnacle of life. 

Or there may be young ladies who work as flight attendants for this purpose, so many people who eat melons will think that the husbands of flight attendants are first-class passengers.

Conclusions first: wake up.

It is true that there are young ladies who can marry business class passengers. Most of them are found on platforms such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu. Occasionally, friends who hear friends talking about XX’s friends are like this, but it does not mean everyone , all things in the world have probabilities. 

And those who are able to marry business class passengers must have something special or fate. I have been flying for 10 years, and the base of the crew is different every day. I have direct contact with a member of the crew who married a business class passenger. 

You can count them on your hands, and most of these people belong to or are close to that class.

Over the years, there have been countless guests on the flight who want to hook up and ask for a phone call, and the routines are basically the same. But don't be overjoyed, he wants this kind of object on every flight, but Neptune is just casting a wide net in the sky. Generally, the reply that doesn't want to be too long-winded is: I'm married and have two children. The world has been quiet ever since.

In fact, most of the business class guests pay for the privacy. Most of the time, they don’t want to be too wordy. They just want to eat, drink, watch movies and sleep quietly, and they are generally older. 

There are also young and handsome little brothers, often surrounded by beautiful women or handsome men. 

There are also those who look at the golden bachelor, but you don't know if they are really single, or just looking for short-term happiness in their destination.

Don't think about crossing classes through this, even if there is a case, it is a minority. Either they are beautiful like gods, or they have outstanding temperament. 

Behind these beauty and temperament are the results of other people's money and the teachings of their native families. 

If everything is ordinary, then instead of having the idea of marrying a first-class passenger to change your destiny, it is better to work hard to make yourself live a relatively better life.

After all, there are too many good-looking skins, youth and beauty cannot be eaten forever, and being strong is king.

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