If you want to meet a flight attendant, you really don't have to do this!

In the eyes of many people, stewardess is a romantic profession, and it seems very interesting to know a stewardess. 

When flying, I often hear complaints about colleagues being asked for contact information by passengers. I have experienced it myself a few times. 

The air journey is short, and the chance of meeting the same person on two flights is even slimmer, so I think There's nothing shameful in trying to get to know someone on a plane, but there are decent and bad ways to try.

Do not try the following 💣 thunder points:

1⃣️ Make trouble

Flights are serious business for flight attendants, and no one wants to be interrupted while working. Childish behaviors such as frequently ringing the call bell and deliberately finding fault will only leave a negative impression on the flight attendant. Not to mention threatening the stewardess to leave her contact information by writing a letter of complaint. Even if you want to use WeChat, do you have to have sincerity and respect?

2⃣️It is not appropriate to joke

"I lost my letter, your V letter." It's better to put away such earthy love words, because in public, it will only make people embarrassed enough to want to poke a hole out of the cabin.

3⃣️ Bragging

Everyone is equal in the cabin, don't try to get preferential treatment from the flight attendants by bragging about yourself. 

Your words and deeds have already represented your status in the eyes of the stewardess, so it is better to turn your big words into polite words and deeds and demeanor.

In fact, the best way to get to know her is to show that you have enough respect for her profession and personality. I once met a Japanese boy who asked me to borrow a pen during the flight. 

Holding a note with broken English saying "You are very cute, I hope you can add me on wechat ✉️:..." 

Although I didn't add him, I think this way is cute and respectful, because he put The power to choose whether to know each other is given to the lady.

If you want to meet a flight attendant, you really don't have to do this! If you want to meet a flight attendant, you really don't have to do this! Reviewed by airmedia on March 28, 2023 Rating: 5

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