What does it take to become a real flight attendant?

 ✈️When you pass the layers of interviews and selections, it does not mean that you become a flight attendant

✈️We have passed the political review, interview, and physical examination. After passing the physical examination, we must first conduct a ground internship for about 3 months. Generally, it is randomly assigned to the airports of each base, and some will be assigned to hotels, and some work of turning over the platform will also be done;

✈️After the internship, you will move to the training department to study various subjects. Many people think that the training of flight attendants is nothing more than bite a chopstick and practice a smile😊, after practicing, you can serve tea and water on the plane. Etiquette is only a small part of learning, there are many subjects to learn (written test and practical): organic equipment, emergency response, emergency medical treatment, dangerous goods training, security training, on-board fire alarm, polar survival, etc. Too much to go into details.

✈️The most important part is the emergency evacuation. It is said that after the course is over, that person can lose weight. The emergency evacuation is mainly divided into water evacuation (120 seconds) and land evacuation (90 seconds). All passengers and evacuation must be completed within the specified time. Crew evacuation. Water evacuation requires real diving, 180-degree spin diving, and mutual rescue swimming for two people 🏊‍♀️ (the teacher will be very strict, and the rescued person cannot swim at all, and the other person must bring it to the other side). In the water, many people huddled together for warmth and boarded a life raft and rowed to a designated safety zone.

✈️ Therefore, the first duty of flight attendants is to ensure everyone's safety, not what many people call "senior waiters". Just pour Sprite in the sky. There are many things you can't see. Passengers who give birth can be delivered smoothly on the plane; some people are not doctors, but they perform CPR on the plane for passengers with sudden illness; we are also the baby of our parents, but in an emergency, we will still use our professionalism to go to the hospital. Keep your passengers safe and keep the danger to yourself.

✈️I don't mean to say how noble the profession of flight attendants is, but every profession deserves to be respected

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