The person closest to the engine

Any passenger with an inferiority complex should establish a minimum self-confidence on the plane, because you are too important to us. It is here to let you know that you have taken our teaching class and been named an important member of the "Cabin Resource". A random example is enough to convince you of this.

Once, a passenger who also bought multiple insurances set fire to the plane. This practice of burning himself without illuminating others is of the same nature as a tragedy a few years ago. But this time, the big traveler with a match was sitting next to a traveler who was better in body and reaction. As soon as the fire was lit, the traveler stepped on both feet. When the flight attendant heard the news, the firefighting work was basically ready, and the suspects were basically charged.

When the captain told me about it later, I immediately drew a picture of a living hero in my mind. In a sense, he saved the plane and saved the people.

This can't help but remind me of the passengers who do good deeds and keep their names on the flight. For example, since we learned the lesson that mobile phones can interfere with aircraft communications, before we have time to listen, someone will sue the neighbors for not shutting down. When a passenger comes out of the bathroom,

Someone coughed violently. Before the plane could stop, someone stood up and was pressed down by the surrounding people.

A few days ago, I heard a girl say that she carefully read the "Safety Instructions" every time she took a flight. I was deeply moved by her spirit of taking responsibility for her own life and awarded her the title of "Excellent Passenger" on the spot.

Once, a passenger had been staring at a place outside the plane during the flight, and the security officer stepped forward to ask, only to know that a screw appeared to be loose from the wing. Immediately after reporting to the captain that the plane had landed, the crew confirmed that if undetected, after another takeoff, the nail could have fallen into the engine and shattered the spinning blades.

You see, one little stare of yours can save an expensive engine.

Not to mention, the first passenger to report Mars after the China Airlines plane caught fire on Okinawa.

Now I can answer the questions of several friends. Why do you need to open all the sun visors in the cabin during take-off and landing, and passengers do not need to drive the plane? Because, take-off and landing are the key stages of flight, and you are the one closest to the engine. .

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