Living with a flight attendant

Every month, for half a month, we live with someone other than our lover.

This time I was able to live with Mei Mei, thanks to her cough. She told the director that she was coughing, but it was night coughing. The director had insomnia and was very afraid of this, so he "let" her go: "Then, I'll find someone else." Yuan Mei and I looked at each other and shouted, " Yeah." Of course, it was silent, and at the same time, I felt a little ashamed, no, no, it's not that we don't like the director, it's because we are not familiar with her, and we are afraid of life.

Staying abroad for a week, living with a familiar person, everyone has something to say, and when they have nothing to say, they do their own things without feeling embarrassed. Relax and be happy. This is the best state of our cohabitation life. Therefore, every time I look up the classes on the computer and read the names one by one, none of them played well or even knew each other (after the computer was scheduled, more than 2,000 people The flight attendants can arrange and combine at will, this probability is very high), and it will be somewhat depressed. 

Whether the next week will be good or not depends on the arrangement of fate. If it was the other way around, she was found in the list, the guy who used to be in a squadron and a group, the two bought a juicer in Singapore, and unexpectedly successfully persuaded the clerk to send a hair dryer, out of the mall, laughing On the street; the two spoke their hometown dialect, talked about their hometown snacks, and drooled together... If you meet someone like this, you don't need to say hello. At that time, you will naturally pull the box and drill into the same room in the hotel.

There are also those who are like-minded, but they rarely communicate with each other on weekdays. When they see her name, they feel comfortable and want to get together, so they call to make an appointment, "stay with you". The other party may be abroad or still in a dream. When they receive such a call, they will always be moved: in the end, there are still people who don't like me.

Getting along day and night, eating and sleeping together, a small part of life, she decides whether to be happy or not, it is not too much to say that.

She is a good-looking girl, and I have a preconceived impression of her. In the early morning, "crack crackle", all the lights in the house suddenly turned on, I was awakened from the dream, and before I could put on an elegant sleeping position, I was already in broad daylight. "Bang", the bathroom door opened, "Wow", water came out of the tap, "Crash", washed her face and brushed her teeth, "Ding Dong", "Ping Pong", and finally "Cang", closed the door, and she went out. Within 20 minutes, she rehearsed all the onomatopoeias in the world in my ear, which made me understand them deeply and will never forget them.

I also remember her rudeness, it's a pity that she looks so good.

This one, obsessed with the screen, does not pick, day and night, holding the remote control, between advertisements and advertisements, thinking about the meaning of life. All I can do is not even in a daze, I'm with her, fix my eyes on that glowing object, spend the whole day of my life thinking selflessly

Examining other people's lives.

There is also her, like a "jingzhe", I turned over, she turned ten; the last time I went to the bathroom, she went to the bathroom ten times; I took a sip of water, and immediately, she drank a bottle of water, and finally, I conceded defeat , in order to prevent her from being overworked, I pressed myself to the bed, motionless, thinking madly of the motherland, of my bed with old sheets that smelled of carved soap powder.

And she, just after taking a cold shower, used all the textiles in the hotel, the floor, the pool, the stools, the bedside, looking at the snow-white towels, the white flowers spread all over the sky, like the snow in Saibei, I was melancholy. Think: Would it take a section of the Yangtze River to wash it?

Are you afraid of noise? I asked my live-in girlfriend, and she said, "I'm not afraid, I'm asleep, and I can't hear the thunder." I really want to kiss her on the face, thank her for the freedom to turn on a lamp for me. How selfish I am to ask others, in turn, to ask others to ask less of me, so to speak.

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