I'm from an airport. How difficult is our ground service.

Let's talk about one thing first - the toilet. Our ground service office is on the fifth floor, inside the terminal building. The sixth floor is the motor room, so the fifth floor is the highest.

The airlines of the two bases include the airport ground service. Our three ground services are all on the fifth floor, sharing a toilet. Because of the epidemic, our leader asked that we not be allowed to use the toilet in the terminal building... It means that we can only use the toilet on the fifth floor because we are afraid of close contact. If we want to go to the toilet when we are flying, we have to go back to the Office through security check.

At that time, I thought all the staff were like this. Later, I learned that only the airport service division was like this. Then, we reported this matter to the leader several times, and the leader said that there was nothing we could do. But in addition to our ground service, the shops with security checks in other departments can go to the toilet normally.

Because there were so many flights in the past, the airport represented all flights of airlines except the two base airlines in China. We had no food to eat when we were busy, and it was impossible to go back to the toilet on the fifth floor. After all, we had to brush face recognition when we went back and entered the isolation hall for 20 minutes. We had to pull down our masks three times just to pass the security check.

After several reactions, we said that we could go to the toilet under a corridor bridge, but the high-risk passengers in that toilet went there. We were really reluctant.

Just because we are ground service, we need to contact passengers. Before, we were not allowed to eat in the canteen, so we had to pack. It doesn't matter. Before the epidemic, we stayed at the airport, paid 20 yuan for a meal of meat and two vegetables, brushed all the money on the employee card and still owed it, urging us to pay it back. If there is no flight left behind, it will not be counted as work. No matter how long a flight is tossed around, it will be counted as one hour's work.

The so-called "staying at the airport" is like a liar, who deceives us to our posts, and can deceive many people. The air conditioner is not turned on at 40 degrees. Every time the air conditioner is turned on, everyone can turn on the air conditioner, except the ground service office on the fifth floor.

Recently, we held a one-day donation at the airport. During the previous epidemic, we received 2280 yuan of minimum wage. But the company still asks us to donate every year, which is mandatory. This year, we donate, and now we donate once a day for the second time, not in single digits. We donated 10 yuan, but the leader felt that it was too small to face. He talked to the company and said it was voluntary, and then forced us to donate a minimum of 20 yuan. The team leader wanted more.

There are too many slots for epidemic prevention at the airport. We don't want to talk about all the formalization of the leadership. On hot days, the office is completely closed and there are no windows. Every day, we have to fight for a long time to turn on the air conditioner. They say that our air conditioner is not good. Then the fourth floor where the leadership is located is as cool as winter.

In this situation, the company also needs to strictly check our appearance and wear masks, but we need to wear full make-up and conduct random checks.

Our airport is very small, all of which are shops, and there are many flights and passengers. We can understand the requirement of one meter line spacing. But in reality, at the boarding gate where even people can't stand, the leader requires 10 to 15 people to board in batches, so that other passengers can sit and rest. Where can I sit? I can't even stand.

Then, the more like this, the more the passengers pushed forward, asking questions while squeezing, all of which were soul torture. We really can't answer them. The passengers questioned us, saying that your leaders are all mentally ill. I really want to say that you are right. Of course, we dare not.

In addition, flights from risk and non risk areas are separated into North and south, but the key is that passengers on both sides are gathered at the baggage carousel, and only one piece of isolation is used to bring diversion... How can passengers care about this broken rope? Some medium and high-risk passengers go to non risk areas as soon as they get through it, which is so rash.

In the previous summer, we had to wear a full set of isolation clothes when picking up risky flights, but the leaders didn't need them, because they were leaders. They could wear masks, but we couldn't. although we didn't contact passengers, we just guided them.

We stood side by side with our leaders, who wore masks and watched our employees wear and take off protective clothing. The most pitiful is the cabin cleaning aunts... They are all older aunts, and they are really not so professional. And later she changed to wear reverse clothes. My aunt wore reverse clothes and didn't even take several flights with her. Because it is too late, some flights are transit, and some are non risk.

I think if the airport really considers our safety, why can it do this? Will the leaders not cross infect? If it's just formalism, it's OK for everyone to go through the motions together, but once we don't comply with the requirements, we will deduct the performance one after another, and that salary is really not enough.

There was a section chief. At the boarding gate, our flight was delayed for more than 4 hours. Passengers surrounded the boarding gate and shouted for the section chief to come to support. We shouted for him for a long time, but he did not come until the end of time.

Previously, our epidemic prevention supplies were still limited. One-time face screens were provided once a week, old ones were exchanged for new ones, gloves were provided once a day, and masks were provided twice a day. The problem was that the gloves were all stuck on one flight. There were six flights a day. In the summer, the gloves of security inspectors were yellow... The face screen tapes were all black.

Later, the weather was too hot. We cancelled the domestic risk flights and wore isolation clothes. But all along, people's disinfection and sterilization personnel can come to disinfection and sterilization in shorts and slippers. All the strict precautions are against our ground clothes. Are we the source of the virus?

What our leaders like most in meetings is to let us have any problems that can be raised, but they can't be solved. Later, they directly told us after several disputes that it's useless to raise them. If you don't have a solution, don't raise them.

In fact, we are used to it. We don't have much enemies with the company. The company is actually very good. These middle-level leaders are really not good. They don't treat us as people. They treat us as actors and tools and show them to their leaders.

In fact, I don't like to say this to people. Even with my friends outside the industry, some people jump out and say, "why don't you resign?". We work in a down-to-earth manner. We want to have a better working environment. We want to be respected or be more fair. Is there anything wrong with that? No, is it the virtue of a good employee to have to be patient? Those mistakes are not our mistakes, why should we be blamed?


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