Land on the ground,

Are you tired,

How was your flight today?

I don't know what unknown time will bring to those who have flown for a long time?

There is a girl who has been flying for nine years. I have known her for a long time. At that time, she was such a cheerful girl. The photos in her circle of friends were always sweet smiles. She loved flying, life, playing the piano and painting.

She got married and had children, but slowly, her smile became less and less, until it was very stereotypical. The marriage was judged dead, and she became a single mother.

The children of civil aviation people are hard to see their parents, and the children of flight attendants are even worse. In order to take care of her children, she has grown a lot of white hair on her head. When she occasionally chats with me, the happy laughter she used to have no longer exists. Instead, she complains, complains, doesn't spend enough time with her children, and earns too little money.

Is she happy at work? not. Is she tired from work? I'm tired. Let her resign? No, she has a baby. She needs a relatively stable income so that her baby can live no worse than that of others.

Sometimes when I met her in my circle of friends, I couldn't bear to look at her smile. At that time, I was so carefree.

Even if we don't like the job of flight attendant any more, it's hard for us to leave it easily. It can let a person grow up in the fastest way, force you to grow up quickly in the most ruthless way, accept the helplessness of reality and accept the sadness of human nature.

In this line of work, sooner or later we should learn to swallow the bitter water in flight and life.

I know that in addition to these hardships, we also have happiness, sunshine and beauty in our lives. I know that your tiredness is a kind of grievance, a desire to be understood, a longing for the future, and a look back at your original heart.

Many people don't understand, so what. In these years, none of us have continued to fly while shouting that we are tired, but we will still continue to be beautiful, excellent, stand on tiptoe and continue to fly.

For young girls, I hope you can persist in flying for a few years and feel what this job brings you. Although the process is hard, this unique experience will certainly become a valuable asset in your life.

In the future, maybe you have left, but thinking of now, you will be happy to laugh.

Have you got home? Take a bath and get ready for bed. Do you still need a facial mask? Don't waste time.

good night.

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