Should the flight attendant say sorry about the complaint of the first-class passenger?

Recently, I saw such a complaint from a first-class passenger, and I felt uncomfortable not to say it.

The passenger complained that when he went to the bathroom on a certain flight, he found that the toilet was not flushed or cleaned. Before the plane landed, a flight attendant came to open the sunshade. 

The passenger's shoes were "very expensive", so the passenger reminded the flight attendant not to step on his shoes. The flight attendant said, "I didn't step on your feet" and then left. Even the sunshade was not opened, or the passenger opened it himself.

When getting off the plane, the passenger rang the bell to call the purser and fed back the problems in the toilet, but the purser did not sincerely apologize. When the passenger put his luggage aside, the purser bumped his head into the passenger's hand. The purser also said that the passenger hit her head and was still shouting. 

No one at the scene gave her a certificate. The passenger is dissatisfied with the stewards' lack of service attitude and awareness. The passenger said that if he called the purser, he was willing to bear legal responsibility.

After getting off the plane and returning home, the passengers have been very angry and hope that some airline will give them an explanation.

The conductor's reply is as follows:

After the passenger got on the plane, he took the initiative to help him put his luggage. He said, "don't touch my things!"

After sitting down, I saw his hand against his waist and asked him if he had lumbago. He said that he had waited too long at the airport. The steward packed hot water in a large mineral bottle, wrapped it in a blanket, and put it on his back to relieve his discomfort.

I asked him if the temperature was right and whether he needed to eat. Then I sent him a blanket, introduced him that the meals on the plane were beef sandwiches and chicken sandwiches, and asked him if he wanted some.

He sneered at me and said, "eat all day long. Are you so fat? Have you always been so fat?"

I replied, "I was sick a year ago, and there were hormones in the medicine I took."

After that, he asked me to order another meal for him and take a video. I told him that I was wearing a uniform and represented not an individual but the whole company. Please don't shoot me. Later, he promised, but the camera was not facing me, but he kept recording, laughing and laughing. Finally, when the meal was almost ordered, he pointed the camera at me. 

I asked him to delete the video. He said that it had been posted online. I said that the company did not allow us to be photographed in uniforms. He deleted it in my face.

After taking off, he was sleeping all the time. Before descending, I wrapped the sandwich I ordered with cling film, poured hot milk into the small mineral bottle, wrapped it in a tablecloth to keep warm, and sent it to him. After the security check, he had to use the bathroom, which was locked. He thought someone was using it and went back. 

The purser immediately turned it on. After I confirmed that the toilet was clean, I asked him to come and use it. After using it, he came out of the toilet, smashed the waste paper he had wiped his hands on me, and scolded, "I'm disgusted that someone in the toilet hasn't flushed it!"

I went to the bathroom to check. It smelled of perfume. There was liquid all over the floor. There was urine in the toilet. The purser told me that she had just finished using the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and sprayed perfume. 

She only let him come in after cleaning it. It should be that he didn't flush the toilet after using it. Neither the purser nor I heard the sound of flushing the toilet.

Later, he went back to his seat to sleep. As he fell down, I went to help him open the sunshade. When it was half opened, he shouted, "don't step on my shoes and go away!" I said to him, I'll open the sunshade, sir, you have a good rest, I don't want to disturb you. And I didn't step on his shoes. And then returned to the service desk. 

Five minutes before landing, he rang the call bell. The purser said that he would broadcast the call bell immediately. After broadcasting, the plane landed immediately.

After the plane stopped steadily, I went to ask if I could help him. He said to ask the purser to come. After that, the purser and I bowed to him and apologized.

Later, I heard him excited at the service desk, went out to check, saw the purser's forehead and hair were messy, asked her what had happened, and the purser said "he hit me on the head." I noticed that the purser's head skin was red. He said, "who hit you! Did anyone see it? Your head is too low!"

The purser's reply is as follows:

When flight attendant No. 3 came back from the cabin, I heard a thud in the cabin and went to learn about the situation. I saw that napkins, milk bottles and sandwiches on the ground were thrown on the ground and scattered by the passengers. I went to pick them up and greeted the passengers first. The passengers ignored me and got up to pick up their luggage. 

I extended my hand to help the passengers. The passengers said that it was not necessary for you to go away, but I already touched his paper bag at that time. He said, can't you hear me? Don't touch my things. Then I stood by and waited for him to take the suitcase and other luggage.

I asked if Sir could tell me something about it. The passenger took out the photo in his mobile phone, which was a black card of another airline. He said that he was a platinum card and understood our industry. He raised the issue of restrooms and window shutters. Say whether you want me to complain or what.

I said don't complain. First of all, I'm sorry for your bad flight experience on my flight today. I hope all passengers on my flight can get off the plane happily. I don't want my passengers to affect their mood on my flight. We're really sorry for what happened today. Before he finished speaking, he went on to say that we didn't clean up before he went to the bathroom.

But in fact, I was the last one to go to the bathroom. I wiped the toilet ring, threw the paper into the toilet, flushed the water, and covered the toilet lid; After washing my hands, the bathroom will smell of hand sanitizer, but I still spray perfume; The paper towel used to wipe my hands was thrown into the trash can at the service desk after I took it out of the bathroom and locked the door. This whole set of movements is a daily habit.

The passenger went to the bathroom about five minutes after I locked the bathroom. When he rushed to pull the door, I had turned off the cabin lights and sat down. No. 3 was checking the latch. Seeing that the door was locked, he went to the first row of the ordinary cabin. I was afraid that the passengers would go to the bathroom in the back cabin. I immediately opened the door and called the passengers back. And I didn't clean the toilet in front of the passengers because I confirmed that the toilet was clean.

The passenger said that No. 3 asked him to pull the window panel, and No. 3 said that she opened the window panel herself. Although there were differences on these points at that time, I didn't sophisticate, but I also thought about mileage compensation or in-depth understanding of the specific needs of passengers in terms of the dialogue content. 

The passenger didn't give me a chance to talk. I took the opportunity to tell the passenger that I really wanted to solve the problem. You can tell me what you think. The passenger said that I was insincere and didn't even apologize. I apologized again, saying that I would criticize the flight attendants and improve our service, but the passengers still said that they would not give me a chance to speak.

I know it's not very useful to say sorry. I bowed deeply for 90 degrees and apologized to the passengers in sincere words. At this time, I only felt a real blow on my head. Although I felt the joints on the back of my hands, I can't judge whether it was intentional or not.

I looked at the passenger from behind and asked why the passenger hit me, but the passenger didn't admit it. At this time, a long time passed, and we had to go back to the service desk to operate the cabin door. After flying all night, the passengers wanted to go home. I don't think we should let the incident escalate and delay our time. So go back to the service desk to operate the cabin door and deal with your emotions.

Mr. Z, another passenger, also went to the front desk. I asked the passenger if he had seen the whole process. The passenger waved his hand. Later, passenger 1A also went to the front desk and asked passenger 1H if he saw him hitting me. The passenger waved his hand. 

After opening the door, the passenger said that he would complain about me and get off the plane. A gentleman in another seat was waiting for me behind me and said, "if you have anything, please call me". I thanked him and left his phone number.

The flight planned to take off on 0035 actually leaves the ground on 0411. In the case of such delay, from the beginning of welcoming passengers, our whole crew was very careful, afraid of Flight Evaluation and passengers' dissatisfaction.

During the welcome period, the passengers are full of enthusiasm, do not show fatigue, observe the dynamic expression of each passenger, and take the initiative to guide the passengers to sit down. 

The stewards in the cabin also actively help the passengers to place their luggage; Add blankets before the flight in case of insufficient demand; Take out the night snack and fruit of the crew without food; Beverage distribution shall be completed on the ground as far as possible to ensure that passengers can have more time to rest; Our crew will communicate with passengers at any time to ensure that all passengers have access to drinks or water; In the absence of passenger information download, we can only do ourselves well, treat each other tenderly and actively, so as to prevent accidents and ensure the safe take-off and landing of passengers.


It is clear from listening to the three parties' descriptions of the incident. We can basically guess the whole process of the incident and the reasons for the complaint.

For some passengers whose civil aviation is difficult to satisfy, scenes like the following have appeared on countless flights:

I'm in first class, so you must satisfy me indefinitely, or complain.

I have a platinum card, so you must satisfy me indefinitely, or complain.

I know your industry, so you must satisfy me indefinitely, or complain.

I want to shoot you and post it online. You need to cooperate with me, or you will wait.

If there are no problems, create problems. I have 10000 ways to complain to you.

Many people don't know how much the flight attendants now resist and even fear the complaints and flight service quality assessment.

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