Girl, be good!

Two days ago, a flight attendant left a message to me:

"Huahua, I asked for leave the other day. I asked for leave temporarily. XX had been sick for two or three days and didn't sleep very much. I had to fly to XX that day. I got up with an unspeakable depression. I suddenly didn't want to fly, and I especially didn't want to fly. Even if I went out and had an accident, I wanted to take that class.

The first time I asked for leave, I was frightened for X days. I already have a very serious XX disease. This kind of pressure makes me more headache. I feel as if I have problems in my psychology. XX injections, missed approach on the X day.

There are too many people around me asking for leave, really too many. I heard a story some time ago. I don't know whether it is true or not. One of our flight attendants was confirmed to have flown an international flight, but I heard that she was persuaded to leave. At first, people didn't want to fly to International and ask for leave when they saw it. No sense of security.

I am a little anxious because I will fly again the day after tomorrow. "

Look at the steward's message. It's very painful.

Physically ill, psychologically stressed

Yizhi Fa can imagine that the kind of suffering that the steward said was close to desperation - "I really don't want to fly, even if I go out and have an accident, I want to take that class"

In order not to fly the flight, I have thought of an extreme "accident". I feel a little depressed about this girl.

Yizhi Hua doesn't know the specific situation of this girl. If conditions permit, she still suggests taking a good rest, reading books, listening to music, gathering with friends, and playing outside... Relax and think about the things that are bothering her, and see if she can adjust.

For physical diseases, you must see a doctor and follow his advice.

The psychological anxiety should be reconciled with yourself, and should be properly treated.

Many of the things we care about and fear psychologically are very small, which is not worth mentioning compared with life and death.

One's life is a one-way trip. The most important thing is to live with as few regrets as possible.

If you have been unhappy with a job for a long time, or have been miserable with someone for a long time, and so on, as long as you keep yourself in a state of pain and anxiety for a long time, you might as well let it go early, or quit your job, or bid farewell to someone and never see him again... Anyway, we can't take ourselves in!

In the universe and the earth, people are so small. It's better to be reckless, look aside and be happy, so as to make this one-way trip of life as happy as possible~

Whether physically or psychologically, I especially hope that the girl can adjust as soon as possible, even if she doesn't work as a steward.

Everyone also helped to give the girl some advice on how to adjust.

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