Foreign flight attendant life sharing:Korean Air✈️

【Foreign flight attendant life sharing】& Korean Air✈️

After flying for fourteen hours from two in the morning, I finally landed 👏👏

I'm glad my makeup hasn't come off yet haha

There are many little sisters who are very interested in foreign airlines and would like to know more

Today, let me share what I think is the good and the bad of the work of foreign airlines!

(My good and bad are only based on Daehan's work)

Advantages 😃

When you enter the company, you are flying internationally!

Over the past year, I have checked in a lot of places, and I am very happy haha

During the internship, the salary is about twice that of the domestic interns.

And Daehan arranged for us a two-person hotel without any charge

Returning home for six days in a month

Plus international Korean rest, 12-13 days off a month

The second is that we are not so constrained as foreign nationals on foreign airlines.

Every day we fly with different crew members.

See you once, fly once, may never see you again.

then we don't need so-called earned performance during the flight.

We just need to do our job well and not make mistakes, that's ok.

Unlike the Korean little flight attendant who faces the Korean flight attendant on the plane.

Like a mouse seeing a cat, doing things carefully and speaking carefully

And I have to help my seniors to do things that are not my responsibility.

I can't say if there is suffering 🤫

We are different as foreign flight attendants, Korean flight attendants.

I prefer to treat us as air, not the bad one~

Ain't that in what we do as long as it works well 👌

Disadvantage 😔

Almost every month, there is only one Chinese in a crew on the long-term international line.

So every time I go abroad, I am almost alone.

It's not that the Koreans don't take us to play, it's that we prefer to be alone

With the Korean crew, we have to follow in the footsteps of the purser

to plan the itinerary and time

If we go out by ourselves, we will be relatively free, but the downside is that

Before going out, do your own strategy, look at the map, find a restaurant

Sometimes it's too late to dare to play, for fear of being alone

When you come across a beautiful place, you can only take a selfie

Passers-by taking pictures is really hard to say

Also, every long flight of more than 10 hours will be very boring

Because even if you chat with Korean colleagues, you can't be kind like yourself

Often when others chat happily in the rear cabin

I always feel homesick when I'm alone on standby

I don’t need to say how tiring it is to stay up late and fall behind on the international flight~

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