The crew is a beauty's nest

Beautiful girls from the Peach Blossom River, and the flight attendants recruit beautiful girls. When image becomes a test, beauty is a virtue. That is to say, as long as it is a flight attendant, it will not be too ugly. Putting them together, I don't think, throwing one into a crowd, big or small, is a beauty.

Eating at no fixed place, sleeping at no fixed place, disordered jet lag, dry air, strong radiation, and all kinds of torture, beautiful women should be very easy to get old. On the contrary, flight attendants are very old. In the work environment where the appearance is reviewed every morning to the eyelashes, no one dares to be a little slack on their own image. Over time, lazy "ugly girls" are rare, and all of them cultivate into diligent beauties, wash and clean up diligently. 

In addition, every day I hang out with a bunch of newcomers who are less than a year old. If I am not careful, I forget the fact that they are one round younger than me. This may be what Ms. Yu Ximan, a color expert, said, a career makes a beautiful flight attendant. So as long as you fly for one day, you will be in good spirits for one day. Once you stop flying, you will be pampered, but many people will slack off.

There is a saying in the crew that the old does not show the old, and the young do not show the young. Don't ask the age of a flight attendant lightly, for fear of asking it out and scaring you.

Ah Qing has been gone for many years, and her good name has been passed down in the crew to this day. Older flight attendants, who don't remember Ah Qing, whoever speaks of Ah Qing will say: Beauty, real beauty.

What's even more rare is that when anyone talks about her, there is warmth between the eyebrows. make everyone praise word by word, regardless of gender, what kind of state is this? I asked a senior, and she said that Ah Qing's facial features are not very good, and she herself knows that she never even removes makeup in front of people.

However, her kind attitude, her grand demeanor created by her famous family background, and her kindness to others make people feel comfortable and unparalleled. At the same time as her, many people who were prettier than her stood beside her, but also eclipsed.

Ah Qing has become a legend, and she has become the pinnacle of flight attendant beauty in my heart.

Who benefits the most in the beauty's nest? Of course our flight attendant. There are only one or two in a crew. They have the absolute advantage of being small, and they often get the first month when they are close to the water. Some ordinary people will bring home a beautiful girl soon. It makes people sigh, this is not using the job or what? Of course, because of their peers, they are also famous for loving their girlfriends.

"Xiao Fei" who stayed in the cockpit, across a heavily fortified cabin door, actually suffered from aesthetic fatigue in front of the passing beauties. There is a "Xiao Fei" who has grown into a "Da Fei" and has not yet said about marriage.

When people asked him, he said, what is beautiful or not, I can't see who is beautiful. later,he closed his eyes and "caught" one, and as soon as he grabbed it, it was a beautiful woman. No way, the "concentration" of beauty is too high.

When I flew to Taiyuan that day, and greeted the guests, a long-haired girl walked up abruptly. When she walked up to me, we all looked at each other and smiled. I said, "Is it a flight attendant?" She said, "Yes, from China Eastern Airlines."

Why? I recognize my peers at a glance? Even though she's wearing jeans. Perhaps it was the strict etiquette training, paramilitary management, simple environment and consensus on fashion that gave her something special.

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