Why would a graduate student come to be a flight attendant?


Since becoming a flight attendant, many people have asked me this question

Fly a year and a half to this industry also has a lot of insight.

The salary plummeted, flight attendant resignation is a major trend I believe we have seen a lot of reasons for resignation.

Then I'll tell you the reason why I still stay on the plane 🙆🏻♀️

The main reason is to give some reference to the friends who intend to enter this line of work ~

🌟 job content is relatively simple

1️⃣ work form single

As a glance to get the head of the profession, everyone in the aircraft workflow is the same, as long as no safety problems or late missed flight, service caused by passenger complaints, in fact, the entire work content is relatively simple.

2️⃣No too much burden after work

As long as the problems are solved on the plane, then after work you can not worry about anything, the food and drink, you can completely throw the flight things in the back of your mind, except for meetings and company activities without the so-called overtime.

3️⃣No office culture

The performance of each job is based on the performance of each flight, and the performance of the flight attendants is decided by the flight attendant's score. For large bases, the group members and flight attendants are different every day, so the advantage of this "one-time colleague" and "one-time supervisor" is that you don't have to deal with too many interpersonal relationships. The system is also relatively fair

🌟Welfare treatment is good

1️⃣Five insurance and one gold and free tickets

Basically, the big airlines are state-owned enterprises, so the three major airlines are central enterprises, in addition to five insurance and a pension, each holiday has a corresponding subsidy and material distribution, just come to the company's new passengers will provide accommodation, as well as working hours to provide crew meals and company canteen meals, many free tickets and a discount ticket each year not only available to themselves, immediate family members and even spouse's parents can also use.

2️⃣Pregnancy and maternity leave that makes your heart flutter

Once a flight attendant finds out she is pregnant, she can apply for sick leave right away, because flight attendants belong to a special industry, radiation and dryness are very unfavorable to pregnant women, generally from pregnancy to about half a year old baby, almost a year and a half, and is paid leave. One and a half years of paid maternity leave that does not affect your career, not every company can have the benefit of oh!

3️⃣ Talent Settlement Policy

If you want to settle down in the city where you work, you just need to solve the hukou problem, as long as you meet certain education and social security requirements, the company can easily help you with the settlement procedures.

🌟In addition

1️⃣Working hours are not fixed

Generally speaking, airline crew members are on duty for at most 4 consecutive days, and then they must take a 48-hour break before they can arrange flights, which simply means they have to fly for 4 days and take 2 days off, and they must have a 10-hour break in the middle of two consecutive days. So with nine o'clock in the morning, nine o'clock at night, six days of high-intensity work is quite free, the rest time is not fixed also means that you can avoid the holiday travel.

2️⃣Free travel

Due to the restrictions of the epidemic now fly to where are not allowed to go out, but once there is no epidemic, is free to eat and buy in another city another country, which is the main reason why many sisters want to do this line, right?

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