Why do graduate students come to be flight attendants (Part 2)?

🌟 Good working atmosphere

Circumstances can change a person!

The beautiful young lady has been treated well by the world since she was a child.

After working, I also found that the fairies around me are indeed gentle and lovely.

There is never a shortage of topics where there are many women. You can’t use mobile phones on the plane. After every flight, you will learn a few tips on beauty and skin care.

When you are in a pleasing environment surrounded by beautiful women every day, if you are in a good mood, you can also become beautiful.

🌟Easy to marry

Beautiful women are easy to get married, and it is even easier for beauties who have contact with so many passengers as a flight attendant.

Although we don’t think so, but in the eyes of the elders, flight attendants still belong to the high-end service industry. After all, there are still one billion people in China who have never been on a plane. Therefore, as long as the flight attendant is not a special housekeeper, it is relatively easy to find a good home.

🌟 Hone your character

When there are more passengers on the plane, people will become more and more observant, and they will become more and more thoughtful. Just like a stone, the edges and corners are flattened, which can improve your endurance and make you more Know how to be considerate and respectful, and exercise stress resistance.

💕About education

Academic qualifications only evaluate a person's learning ability, work ability and management ability are another matter. A degree is a degree, and different majors have to face different social pressures. No matter what degree you have, I hope everyone can shine in their fields of expertise 😘😘😘

Why would a graduate student come to be a flight attendant(Part 1)?

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