A China Eastern Airlines plane crashed with 132 people on board

On March 21, an Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 was lost over Wuzhou, Guangxi while on a flight mission from Kunming to Guangzhou. At present, the plane has been confirmed to have crashed. A total of 132 people were on board, including 123 passengers and 9 crew members.

An Eastern Airlines passenger plane in Guangxi Wuzhou Vine County accident

Wuzhou fire: all out to the scene

Local firefighters: some villagers reported the discovery of aircraft wreckage

Civil Aviation Administration of China: the plane has been confirmed to have crashed with 132 people on board

Black and white on the official website of China Eastern Airlines

The accident occurred 4 hours ago had issued a strong convective weather warning

Villagers involved in the rescue: the passenger plane completely disintegrated, most of the mountain fire has been extinguished

The airliner crashed 3 minutes before the extremely fast fall of more than 20,000 feet

Villagers: a large number of cloth hanging from trees at the crash site

The crash of the Eastern Airlines passenger plane for the Boeing 737-800, the aircraft age 6.8 years

Surveillance footage exposed, the airliner crashed before the vertical fall

Refund of tickets not on the Eastern Airlines aircraft passengers to speak out: the weather transfer was not successful

Expert analysis of the crash before the "probability of disintegration"

China Eastern Airlines: send a working group to the scene, open a special line for emergency assistance

The first firefighters arrived at the scene of the crash

Witnesses: the plane did not smoke, it fell straight down

Boeing responded to the crash of the Eastern Airlines passenger plane: has been concerned about the reports are collecting more information

Fire: found the wreckage of the plane black box is still searching

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport set up a temporary reception area to reassure relatives of passengers

First-class flight attendant's husband in the crash of the Eastern Airlines: she has been flying for ten years, by phone before takeoff

Crashed airliner female passenger brother said sister ready to get married

China Eastern Airlines: condolences to the passengers and crew members killed

Many crash passengers' families to wait at the airport

Eastern Airlines grounded all 737-800 passenger aircraft

China Eastern Airlines flight crash passenger list has been released, the family reception group has been established

Families of the crashed flight lost control of their emotions and cried at the airport

Dinglong Culture responds to executives on board the crashed China Eastern Airlines plane: it is impossible to determine

China Eastern Airlines has set up nine special task forces have rushed to the scene

Passengers who changed their tickets say they have 6 friends and relatives on the crashed plane

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