The inner monologue of a departing flight attendant

I am a departing flight attendant, I don't know how many people are like me, because a uniform, and choose a career! I'm not sure how many people like me have chosen a career because of a uniform! I applied for the airline exam in high school, and I counted five years from my sophomore year of high school in 15 to my graduation from college in 19, but from my interview in June 19 to my resignation in May 20, it took almost a year, so I'm really feeling a lot of emotions! 😯

I once, like most people, longed to be a flight attendant, flying around, but in the end it was not what I wanted! The reason for my determination to quit is three:

1️⃣ the atmosphere of the airline!

Why do you say the atmosphere of the airline, in fact, is the end of training 🔚 After joining, I found that this career and their fantasies are completely different, during training, my results are quite good, in the performance of the people who reported us this base first, at that time, I think they are not bad 💪🏻, but to the base officially started, really let me doubt my own useless! The company's hierarchy is quite obvious, the late entry, no matter who you meet, you have to call a sister, this is understandable, after all, are seniors. But there are some things, such as the last on the car, the first off, to help move the suitcase these subtle rules, I do not quite understand, and with the fly meet the instructor does not grind people okay, if grind people really make you doubt life, like I do not speak very well, not good at expressing, fly up very hard, that time flight plan out the next day to fly, I will cry 😭, the whole person very funeral 😟 !!!

2️⃣ irregularities in work and rest lead to acne breakouts!!!

From the training back, began to fly ✈ ️, I'm crazy acne, a breakout! Multiple reasons, irregular work and rest, depression, stress! Took a week off to see a doctor, tune up and take medication 💊! This follow-up, but also a reason for quitting!

3️⃣ epidemic

I also quite bad 😫, just flew not long after the epidemic, the second day of the year 2020, flew ZZ overnight, almost could not fly back, plus a group to Sanya, from Sanya plus a group back to Hangzhou, the plane met a fever passenger 🤒, for the first time feel themselves from the virus 🦠 so close, and then not long flight It stopped, has been resting at home for almost two months! By May I resigned!!!

After doing this career, I was really unhappy from the bottom of my heart and did not want to fly, so I left so soon! There are many people feel that this profession is well paid, in fact, for the current economic level, this profession is really not well paid, it is not the original era! My colleague at the same time now, but also a month more than 7,000! Each month is not fixed flight hours more on the high some. If you want to make money, feel high pay to choose this career people, I advise not to come. If you want to fulfill your dream and experience! Then don't let yourself have regrets! After all, everyone's personality is different, I do not like not to adapt, maybe you like to adapt! These words come from the heart, but only represent their own feelings!!! Everyone has a different opinion! I do not like, does not mean that others do not like! Thank you!

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