The psychological preparation you need to do before coming to be a flight attendant(2)

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1️⃣ Be prepared to not make ends meet every month 😭

Because of the epidemic flight volume plummeted, international routes are also less pathetic back to also experience the pain of isolation, this unexpected situation let the original mortgage car loan pressure of the ladies suffering. Severe time only two or three days a month on the class may also be possible, before a month to fly two classes of the United States to hand 20,000, but also free travel, I do not know when to recover, so the epidemic this environment to come in the sisters to be prepared for the empty wallet.

2️⃣ Be prepared for irregular work and rest body to eat

This is the reason why I had the idea of resigning. Other are basically overcome, physical discomfort is the most unbearable, sometimes three or four points to get up, sometimes after the flight back home two or three points to sleep, for airline passengers is a common occurrence. Some will say it's okay, I may stay up, but the initiative to stay up is to stay up to brush the phone, forced to stay up is to stay up to do manual work, often black and white, high-intensity work, the degree of loss of physical health is very large. Often see some colleagues eat endocrine regulation drugs, or early twenties age to drink Chinese medicine. Once I had the experience of sleeping only five hours for several days in a row, if coupled with the big four sections during the peak season, or flights full of passengers busy to dizzy, home lying in bed to hear the sudden sound of their heartbeat really afraid of their own sudden death. Flight attendants must conduct annual medical checkups, once the body problems are also not able to fly, so to put fitness exercise on the agenda after work is essential 💪🏻

3️⃣ Be prepared to live in the city for a long time

There are many colleagues into the company found after the transfer base, some resignation of the beautiful sister she may have a two-and-a-half-year-old child in the hometown side (joke), girls are home-loving, want to start a family in the big city to buy a house to settle down is not easy, so be prepared to live in the city you choose for a long time.

4️⃣ Be prepared for holidays and family reunions

Unlike other professions, the busier the airline is on holidays, the more flights, so the flight attendants are not fixed holidays, many years can not go home for the New Year is a common thing. As far as I know some areas in Fujian ha, there is a tradition of having to go home for the New Year, so if there is such a situation consider carefully.

The ❤️ system is gradually written in the case of trial and error ~ with the development of the aviation industry, the rules and regulations will only get more and more detailed, in fact, I quite understand the company, but the understanding does not earn money or affect the health of the words can not, so sisters interview before you can carefully weigh the pros and cons, consider their own suitability for this career.

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