The psychological preparation you need to do before coming to be a flight attendant(1)

Why is it that the number of peers who complain about this profession on the internet is higher than the number of peers who praise this profession❓

When they quit, they will say "finally liberated", "finally do not have to wear makeup every day to dish hair", "finally normal work and rest".

Just like most girls break up with their boyfriends, they will talk about each other badly and then say "he is not good enough for me ~"

But the truth is, there are many chief stewardesses who work until they retire in their fifties and receive a monthly pension of more than 10,000.

I wrote the last article about the benefits of this career because there were too many former flight attendants who couldn't "break up" with the career they loved at first 💁🏻♀️

But to really talk about the cons, that I can chatter on three days and three nights 🙊

Given that most of the ladies interviewed are just out of school looking for their first job, so split into two aspects of work and life, word limit life in the next article 💕


1️⃣ Be prepared to work in strict accordance with the system

Airline management is very strict, unlike in the office to work late just deducted wages, for us once the late missed flight punishment is very severe, more than twice to take the contract to speak. Sometimes when I get up at three or four o'clock in the morning to fly, I feel bad, but I have to get up with my head. The ride time, check-in time, collaboration time, on the plane time, passenger boarding time, closing time, each node can not be missed.

2️⃣ Be prepared to face all kinds of checks

In order to ensure that every employee is up to date with the latest regulations on safety operations, there will be checks of all sizes. However, the way to check is to answer questions and memorize books, and sometimes there are too many things to memorize to suspect that they are still in school. During the hours when there are many inspections, everyone has a physical fear when they are near the company building. In addition to pre-flight memorization checks, flying flights may also encounter unannounced flight visits, there will be an inspector pretending to be a passenger sneaking onto the plane to examine your safety and service capabilities, 360-degree observation of your every move, to ensure that they are completed in accordance with the standards of each link, the pressure is still not small.

3️⃣ Be prepared to face some special passengers

Cabin crew to face hundreds of passengers, most of our beautiful ladies are polite and polite, but there will always be a few passengers to make everyone "impressed". Even if a person is excellent, it is difficult to make everyone satisfied, so tolerance and patience is very important.

4️⃣Be ready to make up every day to plate the head

Like every day makeup plate head pounding their own beauty is very suitable for this career, like a little casual pursuit of freedom of the babies, we say do not have to force themselves. The company will often have a beautiful cabin inspection, the requirements of the professional image is also very high drop.

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