Does the aversion to flying choose to continue to fly, or to pay the certificate child?

I was asked: Have you left your job yet?

I haven't.

I have ever been spirited and dashing. I'm going to use my bloody experience to tell you what to do before you leave your job.

☁ First of all, there is a saying in the civil aviation circle called "jumping ship poor three years". This statement is true to the point of crying. After leaving the flight attendants if you choose to jump ship to continue to fly, you have to pay a high training fee, the domestic flight division in addition to the flag-carrying airline CA training fees but 10,000, the other flight divisions 1W-5W ranging. Training for about three months, no income during this period. So for brothers and sisters who have a mortgage and a car loan and have fixed monthly expenses, consider carefully. (Except for those who have side income, or are rich).

☁ Here's a digression, personal experience. A domestic airline division has to pay money to leave, unlike the big airline division, leaving without paying the uniform, but to pay a so-called "uniform depreciation fee". According to the number of years of flight in service, different degrees of depreciation will be assessed, and there will be different prices. I have a vague impression that I paid about 6K. There is also a fee called retraining fee (if you have not flown for less than one year, you will not be charged for retraining if you have not attended annual retraining.) This airline does not have its own training base, so it goes to the big airline to commission retraining. The costs incurred during the period are borne by the airline company, and if the employee personally proposes to leave, he/she has to bear the cost of retraining. The cost also varies according to the number of years of flight, before and after the departure of 1W +. So, leaving the job also requires a sum of money.

☁ Secondly, if the separation does not choose to fly. Many people suggest not to resign naked, and indeed it is. After a naked resignation, there is no income for a long time. Most of the departing flight attendants rely on savings to survive for a period of time. But it's not always a long-term solution. Unless your savings have a budget of about six months. (Except for the rich) So, be careful about quitting. But there is no denying that there are people who do come across seamless jobs or opportunities. It's hard to say what luck is, but you can take advantage of the New Year to take a chance.

☁ Finally, it is also the most secure advice for leaving a job. After you find the next job, you will be able to get rid of the three certificates on the manager's desk. This is the most ideal state, but also the most wanted. The most ideal state is to leave your manager's desk with your three certificates. You can refer to them, so I won't give you an example here.

☁Written so much, are personal experiences and feelings of sharing. I didn't turn in my certificate for the time being because I fit the reverse state of each of the ones I listed. Not enough savings to support six months, have a mortgage and live in a high-pressure city. The older I get, the more I can't take it lightly. So this is a way to tell a lot of brothers and sisters who want to leave their jobs. The first time you pay for the certificate is handsome, but you have to pay for your own life after the handsome. Many years later, no one remembers how handsome you were when you handed in the certificate, but only see you now living like a model.

Does the aversion to flying choose to continue to fly, or to pay the certificate child? Does the aversion to flying choose to continue to fly, or to pay the certificate child? Reviewed by airmedia on January 12, 2022 Rating: 5

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