What is the real aversion to flying

What is the real aversion to flying?

The next day, I took my leave without any problems, but I didn't want to fly.

I did the paperwork and quietly waited for the next flight. I thought of a girl who flew a few days ago.

☁️ From the meeting in the preparation room to the work on the plane, I can't see that this is a girl who is tired of flying at all. She worked seriously and carefully. 

She has a solid knowledge of the business, pre-flight inspection to remind us to feedback the standard, the whole group of people is a face, she seems to be a "walking flight manual for cabin crew" know everything, can find out everything. After flying all the way to the landing we were waiting for the car at the unit together and she told me that she was leaving in March. 

I asked her why, she said she did not want to fly, has reached the end. The day Lalu, I can not see that she is averse to flying people. She said she had already found her next job as a teacher teaching English for civil aviation in a school, C a school, and she was from CD city. 

While she was happy for her, she said she was so tired of flying that it didn't matter if the class was good or not if the group was friendly or not if the passengers were nice or not, it didn't matter anymore. 

There is no motivation or attraction for her to fly anymore. Every day, she won't get up until the last second of the alarm clock. For a moment, I so wanted to find myself.

☁️ A few days ago I flew a very short flight, not many people. The crew and crew members were all angels. I had a lot of fun at work, and after I got home from work. I sat on the couch and broke down and cried, I couldn't stop crying... I don't know why I couldn't stop crying even though I should have been happy. 

The most torturous moment of the day is not going to work but leaving work. When everyone was happy and ready to leave work, I was lost and worried that the end of this shift meant that the next one was coming. This emotion intensified. I also saw that the original girl was just like me.

☁️The real aversion to flying is not on the surface, but you will never again complain because of a bad flight moment or get agitated because some system in the unit is inhumane. It will not be because of what aggravation and anger are today. It is to do your job without any ripples. 

But may no longer do things outside of their duties, no longer worry about dealing with colleagues' poor relations and condescending. No longer worry about who the emotions will affect. When a day monk hit a day bell. As long as you wear the uniform for one day, you can afford the name of civil aviation people. But also ready to be decent from this group.

☁️ Here is the siege, whether you are wandering around the edge of the siege, or outside the walls of the siege looking in. 

I hope you live your own life and bide your time, everything is the best arrangement. No regrets flying is enough.

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