Revealed! The pros and cons behind flight attendants!!!

The reputation of flight attendants in this industry has always been mixed

Some people feel that glamour and glamour

Some people think it's no different from waitressing at a hotel.

We will talk about the pros and cons of this profession today

In the end, it is only one kind of worker

πŸ‘Pros: one, to be able to go to a variety of different cities and countries at public expense, including food and hotels also get paid, the joy is certainly nothing to say. At the same time go to work up the insight to open up the eyes.

I used to be an extremely indifferent personality and unwilling to get along with people who are difficult to get along with, but also with some pettiness. Doing this line, character, and personality is completely smoothed out, the ability to read people's minds, by passengers as well as brothers and sisters scolded more, now out of society, the ability to resist stress is also full.

Third, skills learning, as a cabin crew to learn too many things, first aid, wilderness escape, as well as the big withdrawal test practice that mentality can become a valuable asset. Even some airlines have tea and wine tasting classes, which are very good skills wealth.

πŸ‘Ž Cons: One, the first is to hurt the body, lumbar strain, otitis media is no stranger to the word every airline passenger. The most terrible thing is the excitement after the flight after the class is obviously tired, can not sleep.

Second, there is little room for upward development, when flying after one or two years. You will begin to be confused because it feels like every day is a repetition of mechanical work. Begin to numb, many cabin crews began to fly the oil in the oil is this stage.

Third, the salary just started in the industry to get the salary will feel more than the same age general work high. But with the development of time, you will find friends with long wages you are still the same and even a pay cut.

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