Singapore Airlines crew recruitment (from 158cm)

Singapore Airlines has won a reputation for outstanding service. We welcome individuals who are customer-oriented, show initiative and team spirit to join our crew.

Our team members are a group of talented people from all walks of life. Learn what motivates them to engage in this work, how they balance their flight career with their interests outside of work, and how they develop themselves professionally and personally.

(Picture: Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant)
1. According to legislative requirements, the minimum age is 18
2. Cheerful personality, service first
3. Fluent English, strong communication ability and pleasant personality
4. The minimum height requirement for women is 1.58m, and the minimum height requirement for men is 1.65m, so as to implement safety and emergency procedures on the aircraft
5. At least 5 SPM credits (including English)/5 GCE "O" credits (including English) or higher Nitec credits (if applicable)
6. Welcome the application of former SIA cabin crew
Note: Successful candidates must be able to start working in our company within three months from the date of application
The selected applicants will receive a link to complete the video interview online. Candidates will be invited to our final interview.

Singapore Airlines does not employ any third party agency/company to recruit flight attendants. We encourage interested applicants to submit their applications only through the official career page of Singapore Airlines. 

Any party or media platform claiming to represent Singapore Airlines has no right to recruit or contact the applicant on behalf of the airline, and the airline will not be responsible for any information shared by the applicant with any such third party and/or the acts of any such second party.

We thank all the candidates for their interest in Singapore Airlines. Unfortunately, we will only notify the shortlisted candidates.

During the training, you will receive a basic salary. After graduation and starting to work, you will receive an attractive salary package and an allowance based on your flight mode and flight time.

You will be based in Singapore and initially provide a 5-year employment contract. Additional 5-year contracts are available based on performance. In addition to competitive remuneration, you can also travel to any destination of SIA for free every year and enjoy discounts at other times. 

There is an attractive annual leave plan, medical and dental treatment plan and comprehensive training plan.

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