Flight attendants who cut through difficulties

For most flight attendants, we all have the same story - we have enjoyed the beauty, we have experienced setbacks, in the course of taking off and landing one flight after another, or to greet the sunrise, or to look far away from home, we wear the stars and the moon, and we ride the wind and waves.

Last week, a flight attendant girl told me her story.

After working for several years, I am in a period of anxiety and entanglement in my flying career. Some don't know whether they should leave their hometown and continue to fly; Some exclaimed that as time went by, youth was gradually lost, but that pair of people never appeared in their own world; Also, I'm worried about my parents' health. I don't know if I can catch up with my parents when they grow old.

However, you are all brave and have your own perseverance. Although you are swaying in words, you are very confident in your heart. I talked with them a lot, and gradually felt sad. I wanted to say: You are really great.

A friend, a girl from the northwest, is very beautiful. The city where the company is located is three hours away from her hometown. It's not easy to go home.

I remember once I met her on the flight. Her eyes were red. After work, she stood alone in the kitchen and stared. I asked her what happened? She said that some time ago, she went back to her hometown on vacation and saw her parents. Their mottled white hair was more dazzling than the sunset clouds in the sky. Although her parents didn't say it clearly, they still didn't want her to work so hard in the big city alone. It was better to go back to her hometown.

She didn't want her parents to worry about themselves all day and all night, but she didn't give up everything in front of her. Yesterday, her mother flew to the city alone, washed and cooked for her, and tidied up everything at home for her. Mom said, "I will stay here for a few more days to take care of you. You see how thin you are."

Thinking of this sentence, she was very sad. She asked me: should I go back to my hometown?

"Back to my hometown" is a word that every flight attendant girl who is out of town thinks about day and night, but doesn't dare to face it. In fact, big cities are really better than big cities. Although they are busy and noisy, they are also extremely prosperous. I don't know how many young people who have just graduated have tried their best to win their own world here, but it is not so easy.

But girls, do you know? Those who love you will support your dreams. Each of us used to worry that our efforts could not keep up with the speed of our parents' aging. Even in many cases, we were shy to express our clumsy love to them. Don't forget, what we can do is to remain confident, remain strong, and continue to make ourselves better.

A girl who had just flown in Beijing for two years was dignified and kind-hearted. She happened to meet her when she went to Beijing once. When she had dinner, she heard her talk. Every time a person dragged a heavy suitcase back to the small "home" in Beijing, she was very sad because of the gap and loneliness.

But she still insisted, although she didn't know why.

A girl once told me that she had been flying for nearly four years, but she didn't know what the meaning of flying was. She said that she was not so great, and she always put herself on a ferry platform. She often asked herself, what did flying for so long bring to her? Do you just need a salary to support yourself?

However, whenever she thought of the interview time and time again in that year, and thought of the first time she wore the clothes of a flight attendant, she was still touched, and she also had blood. She did not know what she should do at this stage. What she could do was to continue to be strong.

We may think that these girls are not happy, but we may also not understand their confidence and strength. In fact, age bias is just a label. In many cases, this label is added to yourself. The way to break this prejudice is not to make meaningless arguments, but to believe that you can do your best.

Everyone is an independent individual. Everyone has his own self-confidence in his heart. He is confident that he can protect everything strongly. What we want to protect must be the most worthwhile.

So girls, I hope you can put down all your unhappiness and continue to be brave. Don't forget, you are not alone in this world, and there are many fellow travelers who will accompany you and guard together.

"Please continue to be the best you can be"

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