Nonsense in the cabin

There is a line in private ordering: "Do a good job, next year, my brother will give you a sister-in-law". At that time, after watching it, I was concerned about laughing. Now that I think about it, I realize that I was laughing when I watched the movie. The company's main goal is to make sure that the company's customers are not too busy. However, I still want to see it.

There is also a phrase in the movie: "to make others whole, disgusted with themselves". These years, the net to fulfill others. The disgusting enough to continue to be disgusting. After all, the rich are not hard-working to get rich.

The alarm clock in the morning shift is really a tangled existence. When it rings, it is a disaster, if it does not ring, it is a bigger disaster.

Sometimes always want to put down, tomorrow, take time off, just do not fly, too tired, want to sleep, must be capricious a time. Still set the alarm clock at night, but also set three. One every 5 minutes. Before going to bed, I told myself to go to sleep, there are four or five hours to wake up. Useless stuff.

"It's not the circumstances that matter, it's the response to them" - no wonder being on a plane and being at home are two temperaments.

"Hello, thank you, goodbye" - these six words, like "Om, Mamma, Mamma, Ba, Mi, Un", are always recited for good luck. "I'm sorry" and "goodness, goodness, goodness", want to express the content is similar.

A veteran instructor told newcomers that a career without complaints is incomplete. The newcomer said, "I remember, Master. The instructor added a sentence: "In my flight to mess with complaints, I shoot you dead."

"Do not torture yourself." Every time I want to say this to people who have OCD on their flights. I've held back every time. The reason for holding back is that if I say it, it will be torturing myself.

The old vines and trees are faint crows, and the grandfather is holding the grandma, sometimes beating the drum, sometimes passing flowers. People are busy, you wait to eat melon" - originally intended to be used in a certain issued article, and then forgot.

The meeting always said to manage their social platforms. Always want to ask how to manage. The leader told us: "should not say do not say, should not send do not send". Now my circle of friends is a merchandise fair.

If you want to close the distance between you and the crew, don't talk to them, the more you talk, the more distant you are, and they don't feel close. Give them freedom, let them have their own life, do not interfere with private matters, they will remember your good, and willing to talk to you a little voice that usually do not hear.

But this thing of treating leaders as friends is as childish as taking words at the table seriously. The point is good, who end cup a mouthful of dry, what to say, who is the first to lie down the one. "Be sold but also help to count the money" and "can not drink, don't be heroic" is sometimes the same.

"We keep drawing a circle, and at the end of the circle is another starting point, they keep jumping into the circle, always expecting to get another face" - when I heard this part in the car, I suddenly wanted to use it as boarding music.

When I first flew, I made the chief stewardess angry and uncomfortable. When I finally became the chief steward, I met some stewards and was pissed off again. This may also be a circle.

The flight is to fly the flight, and travel around the world or something is not on. Passengers asked me what lake is under the plane, I laughed and said coffee pot and tea pot. The scenery belongs to the people who go out to travel, fly overnight is not considered tourism. The sun did not come out to go out and home in the early morning, see the scenery are a hue. Lying in bed and dreaming, is the best scenery.

Who dares to move my hatch, who is the enemy of heaven. Don't say touch, not even close. The last time I had this idea was when I was chasing my girlfriend.

The last time I had this idea was when I was chasing my girlfriend. When I met a passenger who was super aggressive, I was no longer angry. It does not matter if you are right or wrong, there is no need to reason. The important thing is the probability that this person will meet once in a lifetime, and it is not worth getting angry with someone who will meet once in a lifetime.

However, it has not been figured out that "this person" is likely to meet once, "this person" but often encountered, what to do.

Silly people have silly blessings, silly B no.

Sometimes you know it's wrong to whine. But not whining, what else can I say?

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