Do you really know about flight attendants?

After entering this industry, I found that many people misunderstood us deeply, thinking that we earn several watts per month, check in in various cities, and work just to distribute meals. It's a whole speechless action. The following are some topics that you may be interested in. I hope you can learn more about it!

1. Salary 

The flight attendant industry has always paid more for more work. The salary depends on how many hours you fly. Our company is also related to the overnight fee to a large extent. Last year, the monthly salary range was between 4k and 10k. 

Due to the large scale of the epidemic, the normal monthly salary was about 9k. In addition, the first performance award for a quarter was more than 10,000.

2. Employee benefits 

1. 2 free tickets + 2 discount tickets in the first year, 4+4 in the second year, 6+6 in the third year (so it’s not that we don’t need money by plane, the company is not so generous). 2. Birthday benefits can be obtained on the employee welfare website 3. There are supermarket shopping cards on holidays, with a limit of 500 per holiday (during the epidemic, the two holidays together are only 500 ???)

3. Rest time

Because of the special work, we take commutative holidays. The company dispatches you a week in advance to give you the flight information you want to fly. Basically, it is four days off for two days or three days off for two days. Normally, there are 10 to 13 days off a month. . The company requires that you cannot leave Shanghai without permission during the rest period.

4. Company management model

It can be said that it is not much different from when you were in school. If you make a mistake, you have to write a review and post it in the group, stop flying to the office to talk to the manager, so many colleagues resigned because they couldn’t stand this mechanism. You cannot ask for leave casually. 

Personal leave is 10 days in advance, and sick leave is 48 hours in advance. Because each branch has a monthly quota, the leave will be deducted. Too many people will affect the division's rating, so the manager is not willing to grant you leave.

5. Overnight

Most of each company is mainly engaged in the routes of the cities where the head office is located, but if other cities do not have a base to fly, they need the crew to stay overnight. The overnight hotel was very good before the epidemic, and there are many meal labels in terms of meals. 

Since the epidemic, the company has cut income and expenditure (the whole festival has come to the cabin department), all hotels have been replaced, and the meal standard is enough for each meal. Most of the hotels are very close to the airport, so it is very inconvenient to go out and play, and there is no such thing as the online check-in anywhere in the country.

Finally, I want to tell everyone that we are just college students who have just graduated (or not even graduated), and we are very happy to go out with friends to take pictures during our rest. ? I hope that there will be fewer marketing accounts that maliciously drain traffic in order to attract attention. 

Every industry has its good and bad sides, and we can't deny it entirely based on some cases in the industry, because after all, it is a minority.

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