Stewardess Notes:beautiful girl who loves to sleep

In my opinion, there is nothing better in the world than sleep. This is not because I want to imitate Sleeping Beauty, waiting for a prince for 100 years, but every time I finish work, take a shower, put on floral pajamas, and fall asleep towards the bed, hugging the fluffy pillow, When curled up in a warm bed, I would sincerely think that I would not change it even for a BMW! You may say that my realm is too low, but no matter what, it can't shake my pursuit of this lower realm. determination.

If you want to know what it's like to be a normal person who doesn't work and sleep at normal hours, fly a flight to America with me. Departure at 6:40 pm and arrive in the United States at 10 am the next day. At this time, looking at the starry sky in a foreign country, if you are interested in other things besides beds in developed capitalist countries, it must be someone who is out of the biological clock. people. Although there are shifts and shifts in the middle, too many times, because the bed, chair, blanket, and person are recognized, because it is not enough time, because of dehydration and thirst, and because of forcing myself to sleep too much, sleep fails.

So when we arrived at the station, there was always a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging outside the door of each room. The hotel staff cooperated with us very much and never took the initiative to clean up. We also do not easily call other rooms, 24 hours a day, there may be people sleeping.

There are some classmates who can sleep until the stars wear the moon, the sky and I are one, and after a few days, I have never seen the day in the country. Not to mention, the key is to share a shop with the next class of students, which will inevitably affect the quality of sleep.

This time, we came back from the Netherlands and landed in BJ city. We cheered each other up together and waited until we got back to GZ city. When we get home, we must not sleep, we must stay on until night falls and everything is silent. In this case, the six-hour time difference will be easier to reverse, and we can sleep and wake up with the people of the motherland, and then we can fly to the normal state of the country. flight. In order to deal with these few hours before dark, I thought of a lot of colorful and exciting programs, which are displayed as follows, for the reference of brothers and sisters: make a mask, eat a hot pot, watch a plate, and scatter a Circle step.

Things always go out of plan. When I got home, my relatives took the flight case in my hand. I walked to the sofa, ready to take a breath and talk to my relatives. Who knows, as soon as I get on the sofa, I will take advantage of the situation. , know nothing. I vaguely felt that someone was covering me with a quilt. It's not that they are used to me, it's that they know that if they drag me up at this time, I will go crazy.

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