Rear Cabin Goalkeeper Diary:Cabin Crew Daily_Flight attendants passenger embarrassed the flight attendant

                                   Rear Cabin Goalkeeper Diary:Cabin Crew Daily

Flight attendants passenger embarrassed the flight attendant

Mid Autumn Festival, are you happy?

Because today's festival, although it's a very early class, I'm still very happy and fly with my box in full expectation


As soon as I opened my eyes, the big and round moon hung on the wall of gate 6. The crew car master turned and stopped at the door. As soon as I looked up, the moon caught my eye "Wow! What a beautiful moon"

All the time, the team members looked at the moon while carrying the box and getting off the bus, but I hit my hand conditionally and said, "you can't refer to the moon, you can't refer to the moon."

When getting off the bus, I said goodbye to the master. By the way, I wish him a happy holiday. I also hope that he can have a good mood one day.

After the security check, the sky in the direction of the terminal showed a slight morning light. When we got under the plane, the cabin door had not been opened. Two cleaning sisters squatted under the passenger elevator car. We were shivering in the car wearing silk stockings and short sleeves (BJ's morning, it was really cold)

When the maintenance master opened the hatch, he began the day's work.

Before the air food came, I opened the hatch and waited after clearing the hatch. The sky slowly lit up and the morning glow slowly turned from orange to red,

Travel thousands of miles and take a fierce pat with your mobile phone.

The sister who lived together shouted, "sister, look outside and shoot quickly."

No. 3: "she's already photographed"

Then I shook my head proudly.

The air policeman came over and said, "Wow! The sky is beautiful."

Me: "fate sky, the sky can be seen only by fate, just like the moon"

Before the aviation food came, it kept wandering there, singing fate in the sky and the sister in the south of clouds.

The younger sisters were surprised and asked me where there were so many divine songs.

When the eldest brother of aviation food came to dinner, my sisters were more active than me in the kitchen and began to set up sugar bag partners. I said, "don't wait

Stop them from eating. They'll swear. "

Then they said they had been killed.

Unfortunately, the eldest brother who came to eat in the back cabin today seems to be very angry. The dining car and cabinet are thrown very noisily.

I really want to ask if my eldest brother is angry or in a bad mood. As soon as I opened my mouth, "master, excuse me today

What kind of meal! "

Master: "ask him! I don't know"

After waiting for a long time, I shouted, "master, check your meal!"

Master: "ask him! I'm the driver"


Well, the driver is a drag. After all, I don't sign the list with him

Brother Hangshi came to see me. I suspect he gave me a name at the scene

However, the eldest brother who signed the list was very polite. I didn't care about the driver's attitude. I checked the quantity and reported the meal. After signing the list, I also wished him a happy holiday, so I asked my sister to close the door.

After boarding, I stood in about row 24 to greet the passengers. The last passengers came up and took 24jk. I saw that someone in 24K asked, "Hello, sir, may I see your boarding pass?" Sir was still touching the boarding pass

When the radio rang, I ran back to operate the door, and then my sister went out after reporting. After I reported, the purser said the number of passengers in the next cabin and special passengers.

Hang up the phone, go out and buckle your seat belt. When you get to row 27, 27j stops me and asks me, "isn't the back an isolated area?"

I looked up and saw that there were scattered people on the left and one on the right. I thought the two rear right rows left on the ground of this segment were the isolation area (there were no people in the last two rows of the return trip, but I was confused in the last three rows of the observation area)

Me: "madam, maybe this flight doesn't leave so many rows of isolation areas"

27j: "but it's not worth it when I'm on the ground. She told me it's a quarantine area."

Me: "ah? So? I don't know. Sometimes the airport is different, and their implementation of the isolation zone is also different. Sometimes they put some of it, and sometimes they don't"

Then she went back without talking. Sister, they checked that the passenger of 28J was not there, so they invited him back. He sat at 28c. He didn't know that there was a viewing area, so he shifted a position, but as soon as we explained, he went back to sit immediately.

During the safety inspection, 27K put a large paper bag and a lady's satchel next to it. At the preparation meeting, the purser said that the small bags should be taken down and put in the right place.

Me: "Hello, madam, put your bag on the luggage rack or under the seat! This small bag takes off and descends. Let's fix it and put it in the front pocket."

She: "I can tie it up!"

Me: "madam, you can't put bags in an empty seat here."

She: "who said empty seats can't put bags? Then they can't put bags?"

Me: "well, you can't put anything here except seat occupied luggage."

She: "why don't I know this rule?!"

Me: "madam, I'm sorry, there is, and the purser has a special reminder"

She: "show me the rules"

Her eyes stared at me, her false eyelashes curled up in an arc, just as she was high above the inspector.

I always talked with a smile before she asked to read the manual, but her attitude was really disgusting and suddenly recalled a more mischievous memory.

My attitude also hardened.

Me: "there are regulations in the manual. We implement the safety regulations according to the manual. If you really need it, I can do it after takeoff

To show you, now please put them away "

She: "I don't read the manual, I have the manual, I want to read the regulations"

The man in seat l next to her shook his head and waved to me to go first, and then he received both bags

Under the chair.

Mr. 28c watched us all the way.

Go back and I'll tell my sisters 27j. It's a little difficult. Be careful with her.

Then my sister said she was free of charge and a flight attendant in two cabins.

A flight attendant, unaware of the provisions of his company's manual, also fooled around for a long time.

I can understand if the passengers don't understand and it's difficult to get a drill, but the flight attendants are afraid of adding trouble to the sisters in the same industry when they get on the plane. 

When the radio rings, they put their bags away as soon as they hear it. There is no need for others to remind them of all projects. 

This has never been the case whether they resign or work. Later, I told the purser. The purser said don't show her the manual. She couldn't get down after reading it.

I do my duty all the time. I think the more such people do in front of her, the more handles she can grasp, and I will do what I should do in the kitchen.

I just thought she was okay, so I came back and swayed around.

When my sister broadcast her thanks, I went out to salute her. From a distance, I saw her wearing first-class slippers outside her white lace socks, standing by the left door, kicking the toilet door on the right, and then went in.

Is this something a flight attendant can do?

When I was falling, my sister was reading the book to be tested. She looked up and saw that she was patting her with her mobile phone.

They are all flight attendants. Why should they make it difficult to travel together.

Then ask me if I want to tell the purser. I say you say it!

Then the purser said to communicate with her. We thought again and again. I said go to the ground! What if she doesn't let go of the security handle?

Later, we operated the hatch and my sister went to communicate.

She began to hold on to 28c and change seats. It was just that I let her put her bag and offended her.

It's so high sounding. It's just that. I haven't served her. I can't find service errors. Pick this.

My sister came back and said to me, "she told me that I had nothing, just let the passengers sit in the isolation area."

Me: "she just wants to pick me wrong! Just grab 28 and change seats."

Mei Mei nodded and went in to communicate with No. 4.

I stood there to see off the guests.

28c stood there, smiled at me and said, "I met you today."

I shook my head, smiled and said, "it's all right."

I said it was ok, but I was so happy that I was really angry.

The last passenger to go down said that the children behind him had been kicking him in the seat. He told the parents, and the parents said

No, he said: bear children are not sensible, and it's bad luck to meet ignorant parents.

We agreed again and again. I wish him a happy holiday and a farewell.

I wrote a paragraph that is not very happy. I don't want to write what is not very happy behind. Write something happy!

Today's group members talk about daily life:

The two sisters talked happily. I was cutting my nails, and then my sister who lived together looked at me.

I looked up: I haven't been there much. You talk.

Sister: ha ha ha ha, you are really funny.

Me: I've been there twice, one of which is to Shijing temple.

My sister suddenly came to the topic and suddenly became professional.

Sister: ah, that Shijing temple, super spirit, seeking marriage.

Another sister: really, I just

Me: ah? How does it feel like we went to a different temple.

Sister: when did you go.

Me: let's start the New Year!

Sister: morning or afternoon.

Me: morning.

Sister: have you seen a fortune teller Grandpa, super accurate.

Me: I saw the man selling incense candles.

Sister: ah? It's important to light a few candles when visiting.

Me: ah? I saw the function of Buddha statues. Is it all the reason why I didn't pay homage?

The sisters almost recited it with laughter.

I'm still very happy when I'm with the team members. If you have something to say, just be happy together

Although the Mid Autumn Festival is almost over, I still wish Chinese around the world a happy mid autumn festival.

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