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How to become a flight attendant?

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How to be a qualified flight attendant?

1. Flight attendant's appearance

It refers to aspects such as a person's appearance, posture, clothing and personal hygiene. It is the appearance of the mental outlook of a flight attendant.

Because people have different personalities and temperaments, different internal accomplishments, and different behavior habits, each person has a good cultural literacy, profound knowledge, and profound thinking ability as the core, forming an extraordinary temperament. A good demeanor takes a long time to cultivate and exercise. Especially as a qualified flight attendant, you need to strengthen your cultural quality, cultivate your own personality and self-cultivation in the long-term flight, and combine the external beauty and the internal The combination of beautiful beauty forms the temperament of a stewardess.

The most basic requirement of a man's face is to develop a good habit of shaving every day.

2. Lady's face requirements

(1) . When performing flight tasks, flight attendants should make elegant, fresh and natural makeup. Some simple makeup methods are:

Clean the skin with cleansing cream first;

Use foundation cream to improve the complexion of the face;

For eye makeup, start with the eyelids and apply eye shadow powder below the fold line of the eyelids from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Use a soft color such as lavender or brown. Finally, use a sponge ball to spread out the edge of the eye shadow powder. To appear soft.

Use an eyeliner to draw an eyeliner under the eyebrows that is in harmony with the eye shadow, then use a dark brown, gray or black eyeliner to lightly make a dotted line at the root of the upper eyebrow, and then use a small damp brush to brush these imaginary dots into a soft line Of the line. Apply brown or black mascara to the ends of the eyelashes, first from the inside to the outside, and then from the bottom to the top.

When applying rouge, smile at the mirror before applying rouge, apply the rouge on the raised areas of the cheeks, and then gently pat the corners of the eyes with your fingers. This will produce a similar natural ruddy effect.

Work makeup must not be heavy, and lipstick must not be too bright red. You should pay attention to make-up at any time during the flight, so as to give passengers a full mental state.

(2) Air hostesses should pay attention to hygiene issues during face modification, and carefully maintain the health of the face to prevent frequent pimple or acne on the face due to personal inadequacy of hygiene.

(3) Pay attention to the local modification of the face, keep the eyebrows, corners of the eyes, ears, and nose clean, and don't blow your nose or dig your ears in public.

(4) Pay attention to oral hygiene, insist on brushing and washing teeth, and refrain from eating flavourful food the day before boarding the plane.

(5) Pay attention to the beautification of the hands, keep your hands and fingernails clean at all times, and develop a good habit of washing your hands frequently, especially after you enter the bathroom on the plane, you must wash your hands frequently, and keep your hands moisturized. The part is soft, and you should develop a good habit of cutting your nails frequently. Don't leave your nails too long, which will give travelers a sense of unhygienic.

3. Clothing

Clothing is the external packaging of the human body, which includes clothes, trousers, skirts, caps, socks, gloves and various clothing. Clothing is a silent language, which embodies a person's personality, identity, self-cultivation and psychological state, and directly represents a person's character. Flight attendants must pay attention to personal clothing, which is related to the personal image and the image of the airline. Therefore, flight attendants must abide by the airline's clothing regulations on the plane, and they must dress in accordance with the regulations during the flight. Air hostesses should keep their work clothes clean and tidy when they are wearing work clothes. They should iron their work clothes flat before boarding the plane. Work clothes are not allowed to appear full of wrinkles, broken, stains, dirt, odors, and clean and tidy clothes will be given to passengers. Brings a fresh and comfortable feeling.

How to be a qualified stewardess-stewardess professional ethics

Aircraft cabin service is an important part of civil aviation transportation services, which directly reflects the service quality of airlines. In the fierce aviation market competition, the image and work attitude of flight attendants who directly serve passengers play a vital role in the airlines' occupation of the market and winning more repeat customers. Elegance, dignity, beauty, and generosity are people's unanimous recognition of flight attendants, but the previous standards alone are far from qualified for the profession of flight attendants. The most important thing for flight attendants is to have considerable professional ethics. As a qualified flight attendant, what does the professional ethics include?

1 . First of all, you must love your own job. The love for flight attendants’ work is not temporary. When your ideal life of flight attendants is broken by hard work in reality, you can continue to be proactive, enthusiastic, considerate, courteous, serious and responsible, diligent, hardworking, and work hard. .

2 . Have a strong service concept and sense of service. In the fierce market competition, the level of service quality determines whether an enterprise can survive, and the core of market competition is actually service competition. Civil aviation companies are most concerned about passengers and cargo owners. If they want to win passengers in the market competition, they must improve their service awareness and service concept.

The sense of service is gradually formed after training. Consciousness is a kind of thought, a kind of conscious action, and cannot be maintained by rules. It must be melted into every flight attendant's outlook on life and become a conscious thought.

3. Have a hard-working spirit. In people’s eyes, flight attendants are an enviable profession flying around in the air, but in actual work they have to bear the hard work that people would never think of. The difference in jet lag when flying on long-distance routes, and the difference in work for various passengers flying on domestic routes. Difficulties and special situations encountered in the process will happen at any time. Without the spirit of hard work, you can't bear the pressure of work and can't do service work well.

4. Enthusiastic and cheerful character. The job of a stewardess is a job that directly interacts with people. Every day, she has to contact thousands of passengers on the plane, so she needs to communicate with the passengers at any time. Without a cheerful personality, she can't do this job.

5. Study business knowledge diligently. As a flight attendant, she not only serves tea and water on the plane, but also needs to master a lot of knowledge. For example, our flight is to the United States today. Our flight attendant must first grasp the national profile and human geography of Beijing and the United States. , Politics, economy, countries, cities, rivers, mountains and historical sites that the flight routes fly over. Also master aircraft equipment, emergency handling, in-flight service procedures and service skills, etc. It can be said that flight attendants must understand astronomy and geography, and they must master various service skills and service concepts. They must have not only beautiful external beauty, but also rich internal beauty.

6. Learn to speak. Language itself represents the attributes of each person. A person's growth environment will affect everyone's speaking habits. As a flight attendant, you must learn the art of speaking. Different service languages ​​often result in different service results. An air hostess has to master different speaking skills, such as: speaking skills to elderly passengers, speaking skills to child passengers, speaking skills to special passengers, speaking skills to passengers who are tantrums, speaking skills to important passengers, and speaking to first-class passengers. The speaking skills of passengers who take a flight at a time, and the speaking skills of service when the flight is abnormal. In our service, often because of one sentence, it will bring different results to our service work. A pleasant language will bring many repeat customers to the airline; or because of your nasty remark, the passenger will never take the plane of this airline again; he may also tell other passengers what happened to him, so he is offended One passenger may be equivalent to offending ten or hundreds of passengers. For example, when a flight attendant provides a meal service for passengers on a flight, there are two kinds of hot food for passengers to choose from for the meal on the flight, but when the meal is served to a certain passenger, the kind of food he wants is just gone. Our flight attendant is very enthusiastic. The first-class cabin found a meal and delivered it to the passenger, saying, "I'm so sorry, but I just sent you a meal after the extra first-class cabin." When the passenger heard it, he was very upset and said: "I can't eat anything in the first-class cabin? I won't eat it either." Because she couldn't speak, the stewardess's kindness did not get the passengers' thanks, but instead made the passengers unhappy. If our flight attendant said: "I'm so sorry, the meal you want just runs out, but please rest assured that I will try to help you solve it." At this time, you can go to the first class to see if there are extra meals for passengers to choose from. After you get the meal, when you deliver it to the passengers, you can say something like this: "Look, I will provide you with first-class meals. I hope you will like it. Welcome you to take our airline again next time. I will definitely First of all, please choose our meal, and I will be very willing to serve you.” The same meal, but a different sentence, has brought different results. This is the art of speaking. As a qualified flight attendant, speaking is really important.

How to be a qualified flight attendant-professional image of flight attendant

The stewardess's beautiful, dignified, and generous appearance has left people with her fixed image characteristics. As a qualified stewardess, how can she form her own image characteristics? First of all, the professional image of a flight attendant is gradually learned and developed in daily life. You can't expect to train yourself into an outstanding flight attendant after a few days of class. The purpose of learning etiquette is to establish and shape the image of flight attendants, which includes both external and internal content, including the improvement of quality, the beauty and ugliness of the soul. External improvements include appearance, language behavior, etc. The external image as the manifestation of internal quality is based on internal quality. Therefore, only by strengthening one's own self-cultivation can we achieve "internal wisdom and external show" and truly establish the image of a flight attendant.

1. Aviation etiquette

Aviation service etiquette is a code of conduct, which refers to the code of conduct that flight attendants should abide by in the service work on the plane. It specifically refers to the various service links of the flight attendants in the cabin service. There is a whole set of stewardess's code of conduct for communication, including meals, delivery of beverages, and special services for special passengers. The significance of learning aviation etiquette lies in:

1 . Help improve the personal qualities of flight attendants;

2 . Contribute to respect for passengers;

3. Contribute to improving the service quality and service level of airlines;

4. Contribute to shaping the overall image of the airline;

5. Help improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises.

As a flight attendant, you must first master the etiquette of aviation service in order to do a good job of service. A flight attendant is a person who directly contacts and serves passengers. As the saying goes: "You won't have a second chance to make a good first impression." This first impression is very important to a flight attendant. A passenger may take an airplane once in his life, and your first impression will always remain in his heart, so mastering aviation etiquette is very important for a qualified flight attendant.

Language and etiquette: As the saying goes, "A good word is warm in winter, and bad language hurts cold in June", it can be seen that whether the language is used properly and whether it is in accordance with etiquette will produce completely different effects. In daily life, people use language to talk, express ideas, communicate information, and exchange feelings, so as to achieve the purpose of establishing, adjusting, and developing interpersonal relationships. A person’s speech is an important indicator of a person’s character.

(1) The manner of speech. Whether you are a speaker or a listener, you must be full of energy when you talk, with a natural and generous expression and a pleasant appearance, with gentle eyes, and face the other person squarely.

(2) Choice of topic. First of all, we must choose topics that are of interest to the other party, such as topics related to aviation, how high the plane flies, the landmarks of the route we fly over, and issues that need to be paid attention to during the flight.

(3) The performance of the speaker. When the stewardess talks with passengers, the language should be accurate, complete meaning, soft voice, friendly intonation, and moderate speed. At the same time, you must take care of the emotions and moods of the passengers, and you must not talk endlessly by yourself. You must also leave a chance for the passengers to talk and communicate with each other.

(4) Be a patient listener. When talking with passengers, pay attention to listening to the passengers' speech patiently, and react positively to the content of the conversation to show your sincerity, such as nodding, smiling or simply repeating the content of the passenger's conversation. At the same time, proper praise is essential, it can make the conversation atmosphere more relaxed and friendly.

How to be a qualified flight attendant-flight attendant interview skills

1. Domestic Airline Interview Guide

①The image requirements and other registration requirements for airlines to interview flight attendants: the age is generally 18-23, but some airlines limit the age to under 22.

The facial features are correct, the appearance is delicate, and the figure is well-proportioned.

The height of women is 164-173 cm, and the height of men is 173-183 cm.

Speak clearly, standard Mandarin.

There is no obvious scar on the exposed parts of the body.

No bad breath, odor, skin disease, no internal and external characters when walking.

Hearing is not less than 5 meters.

No history of mental illness and chronic disease.

Education requirements are general, and some airlines do not have this requirement.

Fluent English or basic conversation skills are required, other minor languages ​​are preferred.

Prepare two two-inch photos and one four-inch life photo.

Fill in your resume and bring your academic certificate and other supporting materials.

② Dress code for applicants: wear professional attire, and don’t wear heavy makeup, but light makeup. Men should wear long trousers.

③The standing and sitting posture requirements of candidates: stand upright, look at each other with both eyes, keep sitting upright and stand elegant at all times, always stare at each other with both eyes, lean forward when sitting, with a smile on your face, keep with the examiner the distance.

④ Answer the questions in a louder voice, speak clearly, and use concise language so that the other party can hear the question you want to express clearly.

⑤ Questions asked: Questions in the resume, your age, school, education, and home address.

Introduce your family, your parents and other family members.

Why are you a stewardess?

What do you know about the work of flight attendants?

What are your specialties?

Do you help your parents with housework at home?

What should you do if you encounter unreasonable passengers on the plane?

Have you considered the hard work of being a stewardess? If you are accepted by our company, how will you prepare to be a qualified flight attendant?

What qualities should an excellent flight attendant possess?

Did you have many good friends during your studies?

Talk about your understanding of the company? What models and routes does the company have?

Why do you want to apply for this company?

If two airlines accept you at the same time, which company would you choose?

⑥Interview procedure:

·After arriving at the registration place, first hand in the registration form, and then perform basic body measurements (height, weight, vision)

· Interviews are conducted in groups. Generally, 10 people enter the examination room in groups, and each applicant briefly introduces himself (name, age), and then walks out of the examination room and waits for the next interview notice. Those who have not received the notice of another interview will be eliminated.

·The second interview will be conducted by the examiner alone. The interview content includes English dialogues and other related questions, and the content is more detailed. After passing the second interview, wait for the result of the interview in the examination room.

·Some airlines may also arrange a third interview or a written test.

·Physical examination, wait for the result of the physical examination after participating in the physical examination.

·After passing the physical examination, a group interview with the relevant leaders of the company is generally required. During the interview, questions will be asked to the interviewees. The general content is basically the same as the second time, but there will be more people participating in this interview, so the interviewers must not be nervous. This is an excellent opportunity to test you. Your success may be in this one action.


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